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Subject: Re: Announcing unnofficial build of rockbox

Re: Announcing unnofficial build of rockbox

From: Sergei V. Fleytin <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2010 20:19:13 +0400

>>>>> "DH" == Dave Hooper <> writes:

DH> I must ask: why is your friend not submitting the twenty or so
DH> patches he has written to the patch trakcer? Certainly the ones
DH> that mention fixing bugs or correcting expected behaviour sound
DH> like they would be relevant to all users on all targets, no? If
DH> they could be added to the tracker, they could be added to the
DH> regular and release rockbox builds.


Corry for the delay in replying to this messages. Actually, some of
the folks here already answered these questions but below I will place
the message fro the Igor himself (he is the author of the build). He
still has problem subscribing to this list and his messages to the
list admins are also left without answer so either the mailing list
server rejects his messages or his own server has problems with
messages from the list. But I hope that these issues will be solved
soon. And now, Igor's message follows my signature.

With best regards,


Why do I not submitting my patches to the Rockbox patch tracking
system? That is an expected question.

At the beginning, when I started to use Rockbox (about 4 years ago),
I've stumbled on some patches (at most from Stephen Doyon) that
greatly improved it's speech feedback. Since this feature is pretty
valuable for me, I've assembled the build with these patches applied
and used it instead of the official one. Of course, there was nothing
to submit on that stage, though the build I used notably differed from
the official one. By the time some patches of my interest were
accepted and included into the main stream, but some remained to be
untouched. So, I managed some set of patches locally synchronizing it
to the current sources and adjusting to each other to make it
applicable in a bunch in order to have features that I used to.

By the way, this patch set was growing up. Some of the "third party"
patches were dramatically changed by me (the FS#7779, for instance),
some left untouched and some I keep synchronized to the used Rockbox
release. And some patches I've added by myself to get wanted set of

Now I see these patches as a complete set that can be applied in a
bunch and provides additional features valuable for me and for other
users as well, maybe. And I don't like to miss anything from it (not
only my additions). I am synchronizing and applying these patches
altogether and testing the result on my device. And I cannot guarantee
anything beyond that. Moreover, some patches are connected with each
other. For instance, FS#7704, FS#7705 and FS#7912 most likely would
not work properly without my fixes and additions related to the
plugins voicing, and so on. It is difficult to separate all this stuff
onto independent patches, but, of course, something could be done in
this direction.

Anyway, now I decided to publish all these results as is in the hope
it might have some interest to the community.

In fact, there are yet more features that I'd like to see in
Rockbox. For instance, speech feedback when playback is paused,
crossing file boundaries when rewinding and USB host on X5
architecture would be the most valuable for me, as well as more
voicing in plugins. Unfortunately, being quite busy on the regular job
and involved into some other projects I cannot afford to spend much
time improving this excellent software. So, I am forced to choose only
those things that do not require much efforts and to delay some ideas
for the best time.

Please, e-mail me privately or, maybe, someone can help me to
subscribe to this list.

Best regards,
Received on 2010-06-22

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