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Subject: Re: just upgraded a clip have a question

Re: just upgraded a clip have a question

From: David Mehler <>
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2010 10:30:44 -0400

Hello everyone,
Thank you for those who have responded to my original clip inquiry.
I've got some more questions one on the clip v1 and more on the clip v2.
On my v1 model is their a power conservation setting? The battery
seemed to go out faster than usual, approximately 10 to 12 hours, OF
gave me approx 20 to 22 hours. I did not load any voice files on to
this model. But if there are settings I can flip to increase battery
life i'd like to know about them.
The clip v2 is not behaving like the v1. Whenever rb is loaded
plugging it in to the pc I do not get usb, reading the wiki indicates
it was disabled, question from within rb can I enable it? Before I did
the rb install I put the player in to msc mode, so it would show up as
a drive letter. Now when booting in to the original firmware for the
usb I am back in to mtp mode. Files, according to a check of the disk
space of the player they're still showing up as there, 2.5 gb of them,
but and here's another question, it appears they're only visible in
the mode with which they were brought on to the box. In MSC mode the
files are not visible, in mtp mode they are to the computer, but
here's the thing, OF can no longer see them. I do have a backup copy
so we're good there. In rb the files although the players space still
shows the files, rb does not see them. It is very unusual.
This is all with the just released 3.7 release, and appears at least
in my case to only be effecting the 8gb clip v2.
Failing all this can I reload the OF and boot loader? I believe at
least this is partially doable, by doing something similar to the

1. putting the OF back in to msc mode
2. loading a copy of the OF on to the root of the drive
3. ejecting the drive
4. unplugging it
5. waiting for an upgrade

I'd prefer not to do this, as the issue i was having with the OF will
return and it definitely does not occur with rockbox, very happy!
Any assistance appreciated.

On 11/1/10, Arno Wald <> wrote:
>> MUSIC (Does any music go in here? I thought I remember reading that
>> placing Music files in there caused an issue, create a my music folder
>> or similar?)
> In case of a sansa e200 the problem is, that the original firmware (OF)
> will hide the normal music folder. So rockbox does not display it. To
> avoid such problems create another music folder like "aaamusic" or
> something. the OF will not respect it, but you do not want the OF
> anymore anyway I think.
> All the other sys and bin files are probably from the OF. I would not
> touch them, just ignore them. The empty folders are, as someone already
> said, default directories for the OF. Do not care about them. Just stick
> to the aaamusic dir and maybe the microSDHC dir.
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Received on 2010-11-01

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