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Subject: RE: ipod photo stalls at apple logo

RE: ipod photo stalls at apple logo

From: Jammit Timmaj <>
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 21:13:57 +0000

> Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 20:20:27 +0000
> Subject: Re: ipod photo stalls at apple logo
> From:
> To:
> its a real shame. would be nice to have a 60GB music player in this
> format and rockbox claims its compatible and stable on the 4th gen. I
> have a 2nd gen model too but it is firewire only of course which makes
> it a lot less useful for me!
> guess I'd better stop trying to make this work :(
> G

Don't panic yet. I have two older iPods than you do, and are still able to get Rockbox to work on them. You may want to do two kinds of backup first. The first backup is to copy all the files over to a temp directory on you laptop/desktop. The second backup would be to do a complete image of the iPod into an image file (standard "dd" command, but for the whole thing). I use the "dd" command just in case everything fails so I can at least restore it to its old and broken state and try to fix it from there, but the "dd" command really isn't necessary if you don't plan on "playing" with it in the broken state.

The second thing to do is to find a winblows machine, install iTunes on it, and do a full restore on the iPod, even if iTunes detects you don't need to do it. After you go through the whole restore process in iTunes, run the Rockbox utility (from either Windows or Linux) to install Rockbox.

Third, test Rockbox and Apple firmware on the iPod. Don't add or copy over music. Just a naked iPod with dual firmware boot. If it passes the "naked" test, go ahead and copy your music back over, and (optionally) delete the backups off of the laptop/desktop. It should now probably work.

If it fails the "naked" test and it has a hard drive, you may want to open the iPod, remove the hard drive, put the drive into an adapter (probably a 1.8" IDE or ZIF style to 5.25" IDE adapter. Do a Google search. Ebay has plenty of them for cheap) and plug the HD+adapter into an IDE to USB adapter. Reformat the drive with Linux or Windows. I prefer to use Linux because I can format it in a non FAT32. If you format in Windows, make sure you don't select "quick format". Windows will probably only format it as FAT32, but you can convert it to NTFS later from the CMD prompt. Unmount the drive and reinstall it in the iPod. Redo the Windows/iTunes restore. The reason for formatting the iPod drive outside of the iPod and in a format it doesn't recognize is to force overwriting sectors the iPod may try to hide from you, and to make iTunes do a complete format instead of a quick format. I've had to do this a few rare times with drives that had unmarked bad sectors or new bad sectors.

You might be able to bypass the "open iPod, remove drive" thing if you have both a Mac and Windows machine. Use the Mac iTunes to restore the iPod, then use Windows iTunes to restore the iPod. I don't know if this works as well.

If you don't have XP, you can use Windows 2000 and the iTunes for Win2000. iTunes will still be able to setup the iPod with the latest Apple firmware, just the iTunes software will be outdated. I also know of a way to get iTunes for Windows 2000/XP to install under Windows 98SE and the iPod USB drivers, but it's a nasty and desperate hack and not worth going into here.

Received on 2011-10-31

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