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Subject: (no subject)

(no subject)

From: Derek Dittmar <>
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 11:08:59 -0500

I ended up getting screwed over by the best buy square trade in deal
-- a long and detailed story that would take too long to write out.
The ipod itself is no longer under the warranty, so I'm in a situation
where I'll have to get a new ipod/mp3 player either way.
I've done some research and I see that CoWon has their x7 160 gb
player for $273. It's touch screen, but it also seems to be cheaper by
loads than the ITouch with less memory. I'm not familiar with CoWon,
so does rockbox run on the X7? I can't tell whichit does from the

On 11/16/11, Hayden Pearce <> wrote:
> You could just replace your Nano...
> Apparently the batteries in the Nano1g explode, nice huh?
> Anyway...Apple wants to give you a shiny new one! I've started the recall
> process on my lot (six of the buggers I found all up), all one needs is a
> Nano1g, and an AppleID.
> Apply, they'll send over a courier or a postal box, and in a few weeks
> you'll get a BRAND NEW (not a refurbished model, but, new) Nano1g.
> I *love* the Nano1g, advice don't see any need to carry several thousand
> tracks with me on a DAP, I have my phone and Google Music for that...
> And, as you may well be aware...the sound quality of the Nano1g kicks some
> serious ass under Rockbox.
> Anyway, Google "Apple+Nano1g+recall", even if you get a new player, is a
> free Nano1g better than a kick in the teeth?
> I think so ;)
> [Saint]
> On Nov 17, 2011 4:31 AM, "Derek Dittmar" <> wrote:
>> That's actually a good point Brandon. Let me lay out the stuff that I
> need:
>> Lots of memory. I mean as much as it can hold without emptying out my
>> bank a count. I listen to music all the time -- when I'm writing,
>> reading, sleeping, eating, walking, running, and most other times. I
>> listen on the buss, I listen when I cuss. I listen in a tree and I
>> listen while drinking tee. I listen to music all the time and I'm sick
>> of making my sentences rhyme. I've had to go out and buy a terabyte
>> hard drive to hold all my music.
>> Speech is important to me too, being blind. It sorta helps.
>> I'm partial to a spinny wheel, like the ones found on the classic or
>> old school nanno. (As a side note, Im seventeen, and using the phrase
>> old school, makes me feel funny.) I don't trust touch screens much
>> (a notion which has been reinforced by my current predicament.)
>> Some way to plug it into an ihome/ipod charger cable for car rides, as
>> well as maybe some sort of usb charger. (A conversion cable from
>> normal port to ipod would suffice.)
>> Ability to play mp3, m4a, maybe flac?
>> Durability is really important. Smaller is better, but if I have to
>> have a slightly larger player that is more durable and better built,
>> that's A-okay.
>> Because of all of this the ipod classic seemed like my best choice,
>> but if anyone knows of another platform that would use rockbox or
>> built-in speech and do all (or most) of these things, any advice would
>> be lovely.
>> Derek
>> On 11/16/11, Brandon Hicks <> wrote:
>> > Hello,
>> > Seeing as you're not confident installing software, I'd recommend
>> > avoiding the iPod classic. Looking at the timeline, it seems that port
>> > won't be one you'd be comfortable using for at least a good few months.
>> >
>> > As for the iPod Video, I would recommend either finding one refurbished
>> > or used but in good condition on eBay. If you pay the $280, you may as
>> > well use an iPod Touch from Apple.
>> > That said, I am also visually impaired, and have an iPod video which I
>> > use quite successfully and happily with Rockbox, so I'd be happy to walk
>> > you through the process of rockbox installation and setting up for
>> > speech, if desired, once you've found a model you're happy with.
>> >
>> > There is also another option. If you weren't totally set on using an
>> > iPod, if you were willing to consider a flash based player, I know of a
>> > company which offers several models with rockbox pre-installed and
>> > speaking, which I'd be willing to discuss and point you to off this
> list.
>> > Brandon
>> >
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Received on 2011-11-16

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