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Subject: Re: [OptimalInfo] Theme: Toshiba Gigabeat F/X/S, Sansa Fuze+, Samsung YP-R0 (+ iPod Video 5G, Cowon D2)

Re: [OptimalInfo] Theme: Toshiba Gigabeat F/X/S, Sansa Fuze+, Samsung YP-R0 (+ iPod Video 5G, Cowon D2)

From: Daniel Weck <>
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2012 13:59:52 +0100

-- Follow-up about the "next track" info line --

I updated the default theme to use the small font, and I will upload a
separate "BIG" version of the theme that uses the large font:

By the way, here's how it looks on the iPod (inverse aspect ratio):,34493.0.html

Regards, Dan

On Thu, May 31, 2012 at 4:11 PM, Daniel Weck <> wrote:
> It's funny you ask :) I actually removed this feature from my initial "design drafts", because that's the kind of extraneous information I wanted to get rid of (just a personal preference).
> You can easily re-introduce this feature by opening the file ./rockbox/wps/OptimalInfo.wps (with your favourite text editor), scroll down to line number 111, where you can remove the "#" character just before "%Vs". See the following snippet (the information displayed is a long scrolling line):
> -------
> # Centred scrolling line displaying information about the next track (duration, title, album, artist, full path)
> #%Vs(clear)%s%ac%Sx(Next:) %Sx(Title)=%?It<%It|%Sx(Title) %(?%)> %Sx(Album)=%?Id<%Id|%Sx(Album) %(?%)> %Sx(Artist)=%?Ia<%Ia|%Sx(Artist) %(?%)> %(%Fp%)
> -------
> Then, because of limited vertical screen space, you have to decide whether you want to switch to a smaller font by replacing "35-Nimbus.fnt" in the code snippet below (line 16 of ./rockbox/wps/OptimalInfo.wps):
> -------
> # Default font (pixel-perfect vertical screen alignment!)
> %Fl(2,35-Nimbus.fnt,256)
> -------
> ...or you can sacrifice one line of information in favour of the "next track" info. To achieve this, simply choose one of the two lines starting with "%Vs" above line number 111 (full path, or audio codec details), and add a "#" character at the beginning of the line to make it into a comment.
> There are other, more sophisticated solutions (such as alternating text lines, separate alternating screens), but this theme is really about minimising the amount of displayed information at any one time, to improve legibility. I find this very useful when doing sports, or when driving (no need to squint my eyes just to figure out how to use a music player).
> Cheers, Dan
> On 31 May 2012, at 15:49, Ed Nickl wrote:
>> In order to not post in the wrong spot, I deleted all text...
>> Does your theme support "Next Song"?  I like that feature in a while playing screen a lot, and have added it to some in the past.  I rarely use my Gigabeat, but when I do, I like the next track feature.

Received on 2012-06-01

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