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Subject: Re: Sansa Clip Zip and DRM

Re: Sansa Clip Zip and DRM

From: Dionesque <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2014 00:19:31 +0100

Hi Bob!

Thaank you for all your replies and suggestions!
I totally agree with you, I also love to use Rockbox, that's why I own 3 rockboxed players with Sansa Clip Zip being my favourite now. I definitelly don't want to miss any of the Rockbox features, especially the play time compression for audiobboks and sound enhancements for music.
It happens that I actually own a second, still factory sealed Clip Zip just in case so I may just unbox it and try whether the DRM audio files work on that one or not. Of course there's no Rockbox on that one yet.
I'll try to report the check up results here later on.
Kind regards,


Od: "Bob Proulx" <>
Wysłane: 2:32 Poniedziałek 2014-01-20
Temat: Re: Sansa Clip Zip and DRM

> Dionesque wrote:
> > I don't think my library's DRM files are corrupted, I've been able
> > to transfer and to play them on my daughter's Sony player.
> Good. (Within the confines of DRM.)
> > So apparently it's a Clip Zip issue only. When I try to synch them
> > using Windows Media Player, I'm getting a message from WMP that my
> > player doesn't support DRM10. Of course I'm trying to synch while
> > booted with the original firmware and while connected on MTP mode.
> That does appear to be a Clip Zip upstream stock firmware issue. I
> say appear because I am not sure. I am just another happy user of the
> Clip+. But I haven't had any any problems with the original
> firmware. But I don't know if that means anything. In a software
> program the smallest of details can cause the largest of problems.
> > My original firmware version is 01.01.18 and according to Sandisc
> > website, this version supports DRM10 as I'm also able to switch to
> > MTP mode.
> Noted.
> > What else can I do to play these DRM files upon the original
> > firmware?
> If I were wanting to do that I would investigate converting the audio
> into a non-drm format and then playing the non-drm format. So far I
> have avoided needing to face this question. I am not familiar with
> DRM10 but I saw that others posted some suggestions.
> > I agree with you that DRM is bad, there should be a better way to
> > restricting the files distribution but unfortunately my local
> > library offers only DRM10-protected audiobooks so I have no choice
> > there...
> And it would seem reasonable to expect that if the original firmware
> says that it supports it then I would expect that booting into the
> original firmware should play them. What you have done so far seems
> perfectly reasonable.
> I would hope (without any actual information) that having rockbox
> installed would not prevent the original firmware from doing this.
> However note that I really do not know about this issue.
> It is perhaps possible that the DRM code checks for the bootloader and
> refuses to operate if it isn't the native bootloader. That would be
> very annoying. But it seems likely that will be discovered to be the
> case given what you have reported so far. Don't know.
> > Shall I copy the original firmware .bin file over the existing one
> > on the player? Will it cause any problems with the Rockbox booting
> > on this player?
> Are you asking about removing rockbox and returning to the stock boot
> loader firmware? Please verify the procedure from the current docs.
> It has been at least two years since I did it myself on a player.
> I think you are definitely to the point to try replacing the rockbox
> bootloader with the original bootloader to verify if the player will
> play your files without rockbox installed. If that works then that
> sounds like your best option. (Although I would rather be hoping it
> didn't since that would mean the problem was something else that would
> allow rockbox to remain installed.)
> If (and only if) that turns out to be the case and you are happy with
> the DRM on the original player then if it were me I would buy a second
> player. One for the DRM and one for everything else. Because
> personally I really like the voice talker for the menus and other
> features. I would hate to be without the wonderful features of
> rockbox. But if that were the only way then that is what I would do.
> Just an idea.
> Good luck!
> Bob
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Received on 2014-01-21

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