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Subject: Easter Wish List for Rockbox -- too late for xmas wish list anyway ...

Easter Wish List for Rockbox -- too late for xmas wish list anyway ...

From: Roman Hochleitner <>
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2014 15:18:14 +0100 (CET)


First thanks for the great work!!

I am using Rockbox for about half a year and I'm pretty happy with it,
I was using a Samsung YP-U1 before, which IMO was one of the best players
ever, I was very unhappy seeing the battery degrade more and more till
it was over and there was no fitting LiPo available for it.

I can only say I was VERY happy to find Rockbox which I use now with a
Sansa Clip+ and a Sansa Clip ZIP with 32GB micro SD with lots of music.

Original Sansa firmware sucks ... and blows too (had to say it ;))
especially equalizer of Sansa's firmware is just baeeeh -- however I very
much like the hardware they made (though a stick player would have made
me even happier .. no cable .. :)

Sound quality of Rockbox is awesome espacially the filters and equalizer,
first time I achieved to set equalizer settings that fit for Sennheiser
CX880 in combination with MY ears. I am HAPPY!!!

Things I sadly miss in Rockbox (yes really ;)

1) I would very much like to seek accross titles/tracks (rewind, forward),
    as if it were a tape or like most CD players do, I hear a lot of
    classical music and sometimes (short pause or whatever) I like to
    rewind to the last few secondes or minutes of the previous movement/track
    to hear it before the current one. right now I have to skip back and then
    forward 10-20 minutes till I arrive at the end of the track, even with
    rockbox's fast forward this is quite annoying.

2) when pressing the middle button I get to the file view at the point and
    directory of the last chosen title, I would like a setting which allows
    the file viewer to show the current title and current directory. -- I know
    that many wouldn't want that per default; some might say: use the playlist.
    well I don't want to use the playlist it looks different than the file
    listing and I'm used to play file in directories don't want to change that :)

    somehow the normal file listing behaves like a playlist anyway, because if
    you remove a title from the 'file view' (automatic) playlist it becomes
    hidden in the file list which is somehow weird.

    maybe there should be file view playlist and another file view for
    searching for files/tracks to add to the playlist.

3) file search would be great, when you have over 32GB of music and want
    to search for a title/directory name, just to check whether it is on
    that particular SD card or not this would be very helpful.
    does HOTSWAP of sd card work?

4) one small thing I would also like in the UI is:

    when you are on the last left outer menu, you have to press on "Now Playing"
    the old Samsung firmare was very user friendly, pressing left on the
    player till your were through the menu took you automatically to the
    playing screen back, rockbox could do that do, pressing left in the
    main menu could take you back to the last/or_current playing source,
    whether it is the radio view or the play view ... but this is just a
    nice to have -- most important for me would be 1) and 2) :))

.) a thing I noticed to be very strange is the auto resume feature, when
    it is activated and you skip manually to a title where you have at some point
    turned off (I think a better term instead of 'shutdown') your player
    the player resumes at that time where you turned the player at one time off...
    well I say strange because at the very moment when I play that track
    again and it does resume it should actually clear that state and that
    pointer but somehow does not, skipping manually to any title where you
    turned of the player will always resume at that point, except maybe if
    you turned off the player inside that title at another time ...

.) using a 32GB micro SD with Sansa Clip* works pretty fine, I noticed a
    bit more power consumption and another problem: DUST when the contacts
    between SD and player becomes less conductive rockbox suddenly skips to
    the next title for no apparent reason, after cleaning the SD contacts
    and blowing out the dust inside the Sansa it works perfectly again.
    maybe there should be warning from rockbox that the contacts should be
    cleaned if something like that is recogniseable from software side ...
    this could be interpreted as a firmware bug, however it is a pure
    hardware problem :}

.) I have about one crash (with 'blue' screen) per week with rockbox,
    can't say why and while I was doing what, but it happens unexpectedly,
    always in combination with pressing keys and doing sth, never when
    player was just playing

.) one other thing I noticed which is somehow strange is that after
    playing a long time I can hear very very faint computer noises in the
    background of the music, they are only there during playing, so
    during a pause you can't hear them, pressing play after pause and the
    background noises are there again. they only disappear when turning off
    (sutting down) the player and turning it on again, then they are gone.
    I thought I mention it, in case I'm not the only one experiencing this
    phaenomenon with Rockbox on Sansa Clip+.

thanks for reading this long email and
even more thanks for working and improving Rockbox,

it is greatly appreciated!! Keep on the great work!!

lG & kr
Received on 2014-03-07

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