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Subject: Re: New Rockbox user questions

Re: New Rockbox user questions

From: Sheldon <>
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2015 00:02:18 -0400

I'd go with the Sansa Clip Zip or Sansa Clip+. The zip is newer. I
just checked and both are available on I don't recommend
the Sansa Fuze+ as its touch interface is fiddly and they have a
tendency to break the touch interface. You can save some money if you
get a refurbished one.

On amazon UK, a refurbished 4gb black clip zip is 35 UKpds and a new one
in red is 30. A refurbished one in gray is 25.

I've owned a Sansa Fuze+ (and replaced it a couple of times under
warranty). I currently have 2 4gb Clip Zips that have rockbox. I use it
for podcasts and audiobooks. So I've got a 64gb microsd in the one I
use. Note that is you buy a large (64gb) card you have to play around a
bit to get it formatted to FAT.

I've set mine up with a customized fixed.cfg file as explained in the
manual so that whenever I have any issue, I just shut off and on and
have it set up just as I had it before any inadvertent change I made
while listening to it in bed in the dark. Another big advantage in
getting away from a touch interface. With the Clip zip it only takes a
couple of seconds to startup.

As to initial setup, it still is a bit of a pain even with the utilities
available. Because you have to download some specific files and make
changes to the firmware. Just download the manual for the particular
model you bought and carefully follow the instructions. Might take an
hour or so to setup. But this only has to be done once. Anyone who can
successfully post here shouldn't have any problem.



On 3/11/2015 11:28 PM, Glenn / Lenny wrote:
> Hi Charlie,
> I will do my best to answer your questions below them...
> ----- Original Message -----
> *From:* Charles Coyle <>
> *To:* <>
> *Sent:* Wednesday, March 11, 2015 8:10 PM
> *Subject:* New Rockbox user questions
> Hello all,
> I hope you don't mind me posting these questions - I'm sure they've
> been asked before countless times but I'd like to get the most
> up-to-date answers possible:
> Firstly, I've read through the list of mp3 players which support
> Rockbox on the Rockbox website home page and have tried to search for
> them online in order to buy them but most of them seem to be
> unavailable or discontinued. Please could you tell me, which of the
> mp3 players are still easy to get hold of and relatively cheap? I'm
> looking for one that I can load music and files onto through Windows
> Explorer as I would with a memory stick rather than through
> third-party software such as iTunes. I'm based in the UK if that's
> helpful.
> * You should be able to find any of them used on eBay, if you cannot
> find them new.
> And with RockBox installed, you can copy and paste without a
> third-party program, e.g., in windows, you opem "computer" and find
> your device, like the iPod, and open it and create the folders you
> want, and paste in the music.
> Also, being a totally new potential Rockbox user, I'm unsure how easy
> or difficult the software is to install onto the mp3 player. Please
> could you tell me, how easy is it to install (and uninstall if necessary)?
> * Rockbox has an installer that you run, and it can auto-detect your
> player and install the right software.
> Glenn
> Sorry for the very basic questions!
> All the best,
> Charlie
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Received on 2015-03-12

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