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Subject: Re: Further issues with creating voice files

Re: Further issues with creating voice files

From: Laz via rockbox <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2017 12:38:02 -0400

On 6/25/17, Laz <> wrote:
> Thanks for responding Dominik.
Okay. Seeing as it was thought it was both my players that were
somehow corrupted I took a brand new Clip Zip and used the Rockbox
Utility to set it up from scratch. The results were exactly the same
as with the other players, missing menu items, etc. It's funny that
these players have no problem with version 3.13 but 3.14 presents
these problems...


> On 6/25/17, Dominik Riebeling via rockbox <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On Sat, Jun 24, 2017 at 7:44 PM, Laz via rockbox <>
>> wrote:
>>> Okay after fiddling with the new Rockbox Utility I was able to finally
>>> create voice files using SAPI5 voices for both the Sansa Clip Plus and
>>> Clip Zip. It seems to work okay for the Clip Zip but the Clip Plus
>>> cuts off the first part of whatever comes up speaking when the player
>>> is turned on, such as cent bookmarks instead of recent bookmarks,
>>> after that things work well enough. The remaining issues on both
>> Sounds like the silence cutoff doesn't work as expected. What voice
>> are you using? Are you using the same voice on both players? Have you
>> changed any settings for voice / encoder between those two?
> I'm using the Microsoft David voice from Windows 10 on both players
> with the same settings in the latest Rockbox Utility.
>>> players are that any new menu items in the latest stable Rockbox
>>> version aren't voiced. For example in sound settings the item between
>>> volume and bass is silent, and there are several silent items between
>>> dithering and Time stretch. While in Playback settings there is an
>>> item called Western European between autochange directory and last .fm
>> That doesn't belong there. There's something wrong with your voice
> Yes, that's what I'm saying.
>> file -- between those two entries there's "Constrain Auto-Change".
>>> Apparently when the Rockbox Utility pulls the text to be voiced from
>>> the installation it's missing these new items. I checked back on the
>> No -- it's using wrong items. This happens when the file containing
>> the texts is wrong. Which shouldn't happen when the installation
>> works. I'm seeing a couple of possible reasons here:
>> - When installing Rockbox you ran out of space on the player, which
>> corrupted that file. Rockbox Utility checks for that, so it shouldn't
>> happen, but maybe there is a corner case where this still can happen.
> No. I use memory cards for any media files and have over 7GB free on
> each player.
>> - You have filesystem errors, which led to that file not being updated
>> properly. I consider that the most likely reason.
> Okay. On both players though?
>>> voice which is downloadable from the Rockbox site and it speaks these
>>> missing items. So can this be fixed in the new Rockbox Utility or can
>>> the voice creation aspect be forced to get the list of items to be
>>> voiced from the rockbox site instead of from the installation?
>> Some time (years) ago Rockbox Utility retrieved the strings from the
>> website. I don't know if this is still functional, and even if I don't
>> think that would be a good idea -- if the voice file on the player is
>> damaged (or somehow wrong) you clearly have an issue with the player.
>> Getting the contents of that file from somewhere else won't fix that
>> but just hide the problem.
>> I can generate a voice file just fine for my Clip+ running 3.14. There
>> is a problem with your installation. We cannot fix that in Rockbox
>> Utility.
> I have installed Rockbox both manually and with the Rockbox Utility
> with the same results on both models of the Clip, Zip and Plus.
>> Check the filesystem for errors, fix them (if any) and reinstall
>> Rockbox, then recreate voice files. If that still fails uninstall
>> Rockbox first (remove the .rockbox folder -- make sure to backup your
>> settings first.)
> i have checked both players for file errors and Windows 10 reported no
> errors in either one. I then formatted them and started from scratch
> with the Rockbox Utility with the same results.
>> - Dominik
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Received on 2017-06-28

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