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Subject: Re: Generating Voice Files For v3.14: Not Working For Me Either

Re: Generating Voice Files For v3.14: Not Working For Me Either

From: Matej Golian via rockbox <>
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2017 10:04:28 +0200

Hi Laz and thank you for your very valuable response.
I haven't noticed some of the bugs you have mentioned yet, but than
again I haven't been playing around with v3.14 all that much apart
from checking if CUE sheet support has been improved and therefore I
assume that you are correct in your findings.
Can I ask you what player you have? I know you mentioned it in your
initial bug report, but now I can't remember. Was it a Clip+ as well?
The player itself may not matter, but do you think that this could be
a player-specific issue?
I think that this is a large enough bug to deserve attention and a
quick fix from the devs. As it is now voice generation is basically
non-functional and for all practical purposes disabled which if you
think about it renders RB partially inaccessible.
The languages I tested were Slovak and Swedish and neither of them
worked so I think that the assumption that this is a much bigger
problem is not unreasonable. Perhaps the devs could roll out a quick
update (maybe v3.14.1). It would be enough to address just these LNG
and voice issues for the time being. I would contribute somehow if I
could, but I have no idea about what needs to be done and how. The
only contribution I can think of is a small donation.

2017-09-22 19:25 GMT+02:00, Laz via rockbox <>:
> Hi Matej,
> I believe I was the only one who was posting about this issue. One of
> the devs finally contacted me off list and he finally realized that
> the English-US file had not been updated and the solution was to
> create a voice using the English file instead. If other language files
> are also not updated in 3.14 then it's a bigger bug than was realized.
> Since that time I have become aware of other speech bugs here and
> there such as some voice prompts not being spoken, the speaking of the
> radio frequencies not working 100% if at all, and just things that
> were spoken in past versions not being spoken in 3.14. I hesitated to
> bring them up due to the poor response on list plus no one else
> putting in their 2 cents with the bug in the lang file and voice
> generation.
> I've been using 3.14 due to the increased battery life but doing so
> you give up some of the speech prompts you were used to in past
> versions. Simple things like Bookmark created and others. Sorry but I
> haven't kept notes of everything that I've noticed not being spoken
> anymore.
> laz
> On 9/22/17, Matej Golian via rockbox <> wrote:
>> Hello guys,
>> I know I'm pretty late to the party, but yesterday I found out about
>> version 3.14. Needless to say I was very happy about it at as I
>> started to worry that Rockbox wasn't going to be updated anymore. I
>> love the updates - mainly doubled battery time and improved seeking. I
>> use single file album images + CUE sheets a lot and in the previous
>> versions of RB i was unable to switch between tracks properly in some
>> of my files, but now all of the problematic files I tested work
>> correctly. 😊
>> My only gripe with the new version is that I can't generate voice
>> files for it. The Utility seems to do its job, but when I change the
>> language to one I've generated a voice file for my player freezes and
>> the language is switched back to English. I have a Sansa Clip+. I've
>> read some posts in the archive and so I know that I'm not alone with
>> this. In fact, that's why I write on here in the first place - to let
>> others with this issue know that there are more of us out there. 😏
>> Generating my own voice files is not all that essential for me, but it
>> would certainly be fun to have voice files for all the languages I
>> speak. I have successfully generated voice files for earlier releases
>> of RB and so it's a little disappointing that the latest (and
>> greatest) RB version to date misbehaves in such a way.
>> Has anyone found a solution to this problem? If so, how did you get it
>> to work and if so, what TTS voice/language did you use? I'm trying to
>> generate the files with some of the voices found here:
>> Many thanks and have fun.
>> Matej
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Received on 2017-09-23

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