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Subject: Re: Relatively recent devices worth hunting for today, and are h

Re: Relatively recent devices worth hunting for today, and are h

From: timothy campbell via rockbox <>
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2018 08:53:12 +0000 (UTC)

Hello, I use the Xduoo X3, plays flac, wav, aac, and mp3. Sound is amazing, rockbox is great with it. Not sure if it talks, though! Still available new. Hope this helps,  Timothy
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Hi all.
Sorry this might be a perennial question for users, and maybe it is getting harder to answer every year. I use a mp3 device with rockbox every day, and every few years I need a new one and find it more difficult each time. I started with an IRiver H340 and have now moved to sandisk sansa clip zips.
I am now again looking for a new mp3 player to replace my now broken sansa clip zip. I would prefer devices with real buttons rather than being totally controlled by touch like the sansa fuze+ is. I use rockbox because it talks, but also because it is better than the stock firmware’s in many ways.
I realise most or all of the supported devices are not new anymore and I may need to hunt something down on ebay. What I don't know is which of the supported devices other than the sansas are worth looking for these days. I would prefer something recent rather than very old, realising that they are all a bit old now. The higher capacity and the better battery life is usually found on more recent-ish devices.
Am I right in assuming that other than the sansas, the Sony NWZ-E370/380 is the most recent of the devices that still may be found new or refurbished? If not, then any ideas for others I might look for? It is hard to tell which ones are good and colour and still possible to find. There is not much out there on how good some of these really sound either since they are old.
Finally, does anyone have any views on using rockbox on the so-called audio file higher end players like the HiFi E.T MA8/9 or the HiFiMAN HM-801.  I have read online that these are meant to be higher end, but at the moment they have unstable rockbox ports.  Would they be worth their price if using rockbox on them? Are any of the other devices in the unstable list still worth a look for these days?
Thanks all for help and advice.

Received on 2018-07-22

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