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Subject: Re: Replacing battery of Sansa Clip Zip?

Re: Replacing battery of Sansa Clip Zip?

From: Steph MM _at_ yahoo via rockbox <>
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2019 22:16:06 +0000 (UTC)

My last smartphone from a chinese cheap brand had everything right : cheap, double sim card slots, micro SD slot, removable battery,…
Then I decided to buy a replacement battery and… could not order it anywhere !!

Tshaw !! Steph envoyé de mon aMac

On Thu, 25/4/19, Christopher Chaltain via rockbox <> wrote:

 Subject: Re: Replacing battery of Sansa Clip Zip?
 To: "Rockbox" <>
 Cc: "Christopher Chaltain" <>
 Date: Thursday, 25 April, 2019, 2:13
     I don't think it's that hard to keep a smart
 phone from
       connecting to a network. If it doesn't have a sim
 card in it, it
       won't be connecting to any cellular networks. If
 you don't want it
       connecting to wifi then either turn off wifi or go
 into airplane
       mode. I'm not not sure how easy it is to find a
 smart phone with a
       removable battery though.
     On 4/24/19 4:14 PM, Jon
 Lewis via
       rockbox wrote:
       An iPod Touch
 might be suitable for this purpose as
         it's basically an iPhone without the phone
 functionality. It
         would have the capability of connecting to WiFi, of
 course, but
         not a mobile network/cellular. 
         As of a few years ago at least, there were a
 couple of
           music player iOS apps that offered crossfeed and
 detailed eq;
           I'm not up to date on that since I'm a
 dedicated mp3 player
         Jon Lewis
 Wed, Apr 24, 2019 at 3:45
           PM John DeArmond via rockbox <>
> I really wonder about some used, smaller
 Smartphone as
           audio player. But
> I would like to make extra sure that it does
 not connect,
           not even tries
> to connect to any mobile network or WLAN. And
           to what I read,
> that can be challenging. And it would need to
 have an
> battery.
           Hi Martin,
           I have a Samsung S7 that I bought used from my
 carrier for
           $50.  I'm
           using the Smart Audio Book Player since that's
 mostly what I
           listen to. 
           The same programmer also publishes Smart Music
 Player.  VLC
           media player
           is also good.
           The Smart player doesn't have near the
 features of RB but it
           has the
           essentials - album/file oriented, good bookmarking
           Auto-resume.  If one turns this feature on in
 config, it'll
           pick up
           where it left off when something is plugged into
 the headphone
           jack.  It
           has the option to go back and replay a specified
 number of
           seconds if
           the phone is turned off.  The number of seconds
 can be
           specified as a
           constant or a max.  When set to max, the replay
           increases the
           longer the phone is off.
           The S7/Smart player combo sounds very good. The
 ear speakers
           are by
           Etymotic (about $300).  I bought them about 30
 years ago and
           they're as good as new.  I'm not sure
 they're still in
           business since my
           email bounced but the site is up and running
 fine.  The only
           thing I've
           tried which sounded better was my set of Klipsch
 Horns which
           destroyed in a fire.
 Christopher (CJ)
 Chaltain at Gmail
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Received on 2019-04-26

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