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Subject: Re: RE : looking to replace my Benjie t6: what should I get?

Re: RE : looking to replace my Benjie t6: what should I get?

From: Solomon Peachy via rockbox <>
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2023 07:34:23 -0400

On Thu, Jun 01, 2023 at 09:22:54AM +0200, Alex Claessens via rockbox wrote:
> Her is a very good website from blind and vissually impaired persons.

I don't know if I'd call that website "good", as it doesn't actually
_describe_ things terribly well.

> Good info about the mp3 player benjie t6.

As this website points out, the Benjie T6 (aka the AGPTek Rocker) is/was
being offered with Rockbox! So there's not really any need for Rockbox
developers to be made aware of what the T6 is all about; after all we
wrote the software running on the device. (And FWIW I've personally
been maintaining/improving that port)

The original question on this thread was about what could be used as a
Benjie T6 replacement. The short answer is "nearly any
rockbox-compatible player you can manage to purchase" [1]. The longer
answer is more complicated, as actually _installing_ rockbox onto the
player often requires being able to see what you're doing (if only
because the original player firmware has no accessibility features at
all). Fortunately the folks at talkingmp3players also provide a service
where they'll do this work for you if you send them a suitable device.

At this point the only real option for a brand-new player is going to be
one of the EROS Q/K clones [2] -- They're physically larger and heavier
than the T6, but in exchange you get better battery life and far
improved better physical controls. Unfortunately all of these players
have been sold with multiple software and hardware variants, so there's
no automatic foolproof way to install Rockbox on them.

If you're willing to purchase a secondhand/used player, IMO your best
option is one of classic-style iPods, especially if you buy one
pre-modded with solid state storage and a new battery.

So with that in mind, the question of "what player should I get" is
really best asked of the talkingmp3players folks, as that is the entire
point of the services they provide!

[1] Except for the handful that use a (partial) touch interface, eg the
Shanling Q1 and Sansa Fuze Plus.



 - Solomon
Solomon Peachy			      pizza at shaftnet dot org (email&xmpp)
                                      _at_pizza:shaftnet dot org   (matrix)
Dowling Park, FL                      speachy (

Received on 2023-06-01

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