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Subject: Re: Putting the user in the loop

Re: Putting the user in the loop

From: Dave Chapman <>
Date: 2005-11-04 wrote:
>> and one of the most important principles you learn is to put the
>> user in the loop when you do interface design.
> I so happy I'm not alone in this!
>> One better way would be to have polls on the rockbox site on these
>> issues, with
>> questions such as "Do you have the 'Follow playlist' option set to yes?
>> no?".
> Very good suggestion. Somehow I don't feel this will get accepted amongst
> current developers though...

None of the developers in this thread have said "let's ignore the views
of users".

The point made has simply been that developers should make the final
decision. Note that that is developers (plural), not a single
individual. That's how Rockbox has always worked - no single person is
in charge.

As has been mentioned elsewhere, there are sometimes good reasons (e.g.
accessibility by blind users) why certain "unpopular" options are chosen
to be the default Rockbox behaviour.

And please don't forget that Rockbox is a multi-platform firmware The
discussion you referred to at the start of this discussion took place on
a user forum dedicated to a single target - hardly the best place to
gather the views of the majority of your users.

Received on Fri Nov 4 16:16:04 2005

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