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Subject: amiconn: apps settings.

amiconn: apps settings.

From: Rocker <>
Date: 2005-11-08

>As others have said, I prefer to play just a folder, as I have my Archos
>structured with Artist/Album/Song. If i want to play some albums, i use
>the queue function, and _never_ have used the "continue with next folder"
>setting. Of course we may be a minority, but i think that this is the
>normal way to do things.I mean, at least with computer music players i
>have used (winamp, xmms) when you play a folder, when it finish playing,
>it doesn't continue with next one. People should be used to that.
>I vote for leaving it as it is.
>My 0.02?

>From this end users prospective I would have to agree. Leave it as is. Then there is a choice right? rocker
Received on Tue Nov 8 00:09:32 2005

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