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Subject: Odd button behaviour (continued)

Odd button behaviour (continued)

From: Ronald Teune <>
Date: Sun, 04 Dec 2005 15:30:57 +0100


It seems that no other user has this problem, or they just don't use the
daily builds or read the list. I did some additional testing.
* it seems that the button behaviour is quite right, just after the unit
is turned on. If the unit's been on for about an hour, maybe two (when
it's "warmed up"), the problems as described start: after a short or long
keypress on the left/right/up/down/on button, an "off" event is somehow
generated. When constantly pressing other buttons (scroll through lists,
etc), the off event doesn't seem to come through. When turning the unit
off at that point, and then turning it on again, it triggers an off event
just after resuming, so music stops again. The only "solution" to keep the
music playing is to press F2 or F3 after resuming the music, because these
are the only places that don't exit at the off button.
* at a point like this, I loaded the 2.5 firmware: problems were gone.
Turning off and on, thus loading the newer firmware again, made the
problems return. So... was it perhaps because it was flashed? No; I then
flashed the 2.5 firmware, and still no problem. All the time I made sure
the same config file was being used, so no different settings (perhaps
apart from some new features). Now I'm using a flashed 2.5 for some time,
without problems.
* I searched through the commits-since-2.5 for "button", but couldn't find
anything pointing into this direction.
Am I really the only one with such an odd unit?


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Subject: rockbox Digest, Vol 3, Issue 47
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 05:35:47 +0100


not sure about what list is best for this post, but my guess is the user

With the 27-11 daily build, and what I think was the 25-11 daily build, I
experience some odd button behaviour. I'm not
sure anymore what version I was using before, but I think it was a version
just before or just after 2.5.

When I turn up the volume, fast forward, rewind or press on, then
sometimes the off button is somehow triggered. Sometimes
even twice so the unit turns off. If I continuously press the up button,
then quickly the down button, then the left/right
button to scroll through the file tree, it's not triggered. But when I
hold still for some time, say 2 seconds, the music
stops. Because of this delay, it feels like a software issue. But it also
seems there's a warming up time: it gets worse if
the unit gets used longer, this part of it sounds more like a hardware

I'm not sure if it's got anything to do with VBR vs. CBR; lately I've been
playing many VBR mp3s while before it had been
almost 100% CBR.

Recognizable? Any ideas? I couldn't make much of the button.c code, if
that's where I should be looking.

Could this have to do something with the skip-to-next-folder code,
activated by a short + long press of a key, since this
is the only code having a delay?

Received on 2005-12-04

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