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Subject: new wps-file-loader

new wps-file-loader

From: Stephan Wezel <>
Date: 2005-12-06


i have created a new wps-file-loader.

The loading of a wps-file is done line-by-line.

This loader parses following tags through an seperate fn:
%x, %xl, %we, %d, # (comment-line)

This is done through an seperate fn because these tags are only
parsed/handled on loading a wps-file. So it is a waste of memory
to have lines with these tags resist in the format-buffer.

If one of these tags got handled due the sperate fn then the line
didn't gets into the format-buffer.
In the current implementation the reading is done directly to the
format-buffer (to avoid using a temp-buffer), so the handled line
will be either overwritten from a following line or the Null-Terminator
will be set after the last valid line.

With this loader the ram-usage of the format-buffer can be reduces ca.
by half and more.
(depending how many of %xl, %x and # are used )
e.g. the boxes.wps needs only 538 Bytes instead the 1759 Bytes(file-size).

the patch can be found here:

Received on Tue Dec 6 23:35:53 2005

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