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Subject: Status of some ports to new targets

Status of some ports to new targets

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 22:50:13 +0100 (CET)


I thought I'd just sum up my perception of a few current projects aiming to
produce Rockbox ports. If you have one of these players, join up and get
things going. We need skilled and interested people in every camp!

(Listed in no particular order. The mistakes and errors are most likely my

iAudio X5

  Linus and I have this player. There's some very basic code that generates a
  checksum for the firmware image already in CVS, and the SDL simulator can
  build an X5 simulator already. This is similar to H300 hw-wise (coldfire

iAudio M3

  There are some scans and research about its hardware in the wiki. Seems to be
  similar to the X5 hw-wise.

Toshiba Gigabeat

  Marcoen Hirschberg has one and works on a port. He received the Linux sources
  from Toshiba, but they are of course incomplete. This uses a Samsung ARM9

iriver H10

  PCB scans available. Resembles some of the iPds a great deal. Should make it
  possible to do a port if there's any skilled person with such a unit around.

iriver iFP7x0

  Tomasz is progressing along fine. This a 256MB flash player that uses an

iriver PMP

  Nothing has started. There's a linux source code from iriver available, but
  it is far from the complete works. Some people express a wish but none has
  stepped forward and did anything "real" just yet. This uses an ARM7 core with
  a TI DSP built-in (DM270)

iPod Video

  Rockbox works on it, but there's no audio. No one seems to have worked very
  hard yet at figuring it out. This probably takes some dissassembly. Otherwise
  this of course resembles the Color and Nano models.

iPod 3rd generation

  There's work in progress. Patch is available.

iPod 4rd generation greyscale LCD

  This should be "fairly simple" once the 3G port gets in, since they seem to
  have the LCD code in common.

MPeye HTS-150

  Tim Schmidt showed interest and will on the dev list to attempt to make
  Rockbox run on this SCF5249 (coldfire) based player.

MPIO H-series
  Seems to be mentioned every now and then by people. There's some internals
  info about the H200 model in our wiki, but no "real" work has been done.

Archos Gmini

  No one ever took up the work where 'jyp' left it. This port is fading away...
  This player has a very different architecture (CalmRISC CPU etc).

... did I miss any? Did I forget any signification change or detail?

  Daniel Stenberg -- --
Received on 2006-02-04

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