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Subject: Re: Lyrics

Re: Lyrics

From: Bluechip <>
Date: Wed, 08 Feb 2006 23:39:57 +0000

At 09:01 08/02/2006, you wrote:
>Thanks bluechip,
>I have had a look at LYR200 as EvilLyrics has a
>plugin Eviltagger which autotags lyrics. I would
>like to support as many tags as possible.
>Including external files. (Would they be stored like voice files?)

Well there's the obvious unsynched ".txt" file
...there's ".cdg" karaoke +96 data ...other than
that I can only infer the existence of other
more synched or otherwise formatted files.

>My thoughts on structure
>A builder --> 2D aray --> Viewable by WPS
> --> text file --> Viewer to view
> the whole file at once, it has so many view options, no need to repeat it
>I plan to have this array as part of the
>id3entry structure see id3.h When i increase
>char id3v2buf[300]; --> char id3v2buf[1600];
>That is when I get the memory problems. The sim
>works fine. You are suggesting that I should be
>able to go much greater than this.

>What am I doing wrong?

Sadly I've not looked seriously at the Rockbox code since I was banned from it.
If the main code is THAT tight on space, you will
need to look at more complex options :(
Maybe you could run a "view lyrics" plugin
directly FROM the WPS? rather than embed the
viewer as a funtion INTO the WPS. That will give
you 32768 bytes of RAM to play with, which should
be sufficient to resolve any memory issues you are having.


>I uploaded the text to viewer part as a patch.
>I included the origional files and the diff.
>The diff -u didnt seem to make the output look
>as others work. I just used cygwin and compared the two files locally.
>Is there a way of comparing the live cvs with what I have done?
>Also english.lang came up with no differences, when there was.
>Thanks much
>David Bleakley
>Bluechip <> wrote:
>And of course there are the LYR and LYR200 lyric tag styles, not to
>mentioned interspersed id3v2 tags, and I wouldn't be surprised if
>someone had botched lyrics into APE tags.
>How about writing the lyric handler in TWO parts. One part to build
>an internal 'RockLyrics' format; and another to actually display them
>...this should fit your 2D array idea. But with the focus on the
>code being designed so that new formats can be added. The Lyrics
>will be (near): Start-of-file, interspersed, End-of-file or
>seperate-file. The last group may be textual, or graphical.
>I think what with the support of iPODs pretty much done, we should
>consider that we have TV-Out now about support the +96 .CDG
>file format for true karaoke emulation? Using the Archos units as a
>mixer is just a matter of tweaking a couple of DAC registers. I was
>gonna write a Karaoke plugin once, but it never really got past the
>design phase - so I have no code of much use to you, but the ideas
>are all still there.
>Forget interspersed lyrics - they will be a bitchX ...unless Occam
>decides to shave again soon.
>I would also not get too involved with CDG support, as that will work
>very differently, as they are the only standard format I can think of
>which has embedded graphics.
>You ideally need the lyrics data in RAM when you are building the
>RockLyrics (2D array) info.
>If you are prepared to scan the master-data twice, you can simply
>COUNT the first time around; and BUILD the second time around ...this
>should make the limitation of a static quantity of Plugin RAM easy to
>It might be worth taking a moment to infer what is a realistic
>maximum amount of data you would need to hold. If you get to more
>than about 12K, you may need to be careful with! your code, but I
>don't think it will come to that. I'm sure I remember the quote "1KB
>= 1 page of text" ...even with a complex time index table - I can't
>see the data ever being much bigger than about 3K per song.
>Hope there's something helpful there.
> >Hi,
> >
> >I personally dislike storing things like images and large texts in
> >id3v2 tags, although it would be one more step towards implementing
> >features of the original iriver firmwares (btw, is lyrics support a
> >stopper for an iriver release of rockbox?).
> >
> >lrc files, which are widely available are a far better way of
> >storing lyrics, and the software that puts lyrics in the id3 tags
> >usually start from an lrc file.
> >
> >If lyrics are ever to be implemented, it would be a good idea to
> >support both solutions.
> >
> >Fred
> >
> >George Styles wrote:
> >>Cool :) i would love to have Lyric suppor! t added to Rockbox...
> >>of course, syncro lyrics would be perfect - not sure how they are
> >>encoded in id3 though - but ideally (like you said) there would be
> >>a wps tag for lyrics
> >>g
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Received on 2006-02-09

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