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Subject: Re: Multifont: testing & feedback

Re: Multifont: testing & feedback

From: bk <>
Date: 2006-02-26

On Sun, 2006-02-26 at 18:35 +0200, XavierGr wrote:
> So there is no way to select a font for a screen inside rockbox.
> I will have to edit my configuration files, right?


> I used nimbues 14 on H300, since I dind't know how to load other fonts
> for other screens I am not sure about the HD spinning.

I've been doing testing in the H120/H140 sim and on my H120. I'll try
testing in the other sims.

> I will try again your with your patch later.
> The idea seems right, but a font slector gui must be created.

I thought about that, but there are some problems. One is that, unless
you're choosing the browser font you won't get to see what the font
looks like after choosing it. (You'll have to 'play' the font in the
font browser, then navigate to the affected screen to see what it looks
like). If that isn't good enough it would mean we'd have to come up with
a whole different font chooser GUI.

It also means adding another global context variable so the font chooser
knows which font to change. Not difficult but a little annoying and

Received on Sun Feb 26 17:47:49 2006

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