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Subject: SDL installation on Linux?

SDL installation on Linux?

From: jw <>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 09:59:23 -0800 (PST)

How to? Is SDL some package that is installed by
default on most Linux distributions or something?
Cause nowhere in the twiki is it mentioned where to
get it & how to install it (if you must do more than a
configure/make/make install) on the source.

I download sdl-1.2.9 from, configure, make,
and make install. No problem. Now I build the rockbox
simulator for whatever target. I run "./rockboxui" and
on the console, I get "Fatal: no available video

So I do some google'ing & see it's
SDL-related...meaning it wasn't compiled with X
support cause it didn't find the X libs & includes. I
have the libs on my system, but not the includes (for
some reason /usr/X11R6/includes/ is empty). I download
the X source, throw the includes whereever SDL was
looking for them at (based on each compile error of
'no such file or directory')...and FINALLY get it to
compile. Now it wouldn't link. It could not find -lX11
& -lXext, even though -L/usr/X11R6/lib was right
before -lX11 and /usr/X11R6/lib/[.2] &[.2] existed. So I manually change all
occurrences of -lX11 to /usr/X11R6/lib/ in
the Makefile/configure/etc...whatever had -lX11/-lXext
in it. It links successfully & I get my sdl-config &

Now move over to wouldn't compile/link
either as sdl-config would print out -lX11 when doing
sdl-config --[static-]libs. So I do the same thing and
just overwrote LDOPTS to say whatever sdl-config put
out, but replaced -lX11 & -lXext with the exact
locations (/usr/X11R6/lib/ Rockbox now
compiled & built rockboxui.

So, thinking that I was all set, I run ./rockboxui

...and get my original message "No video device
available"...the message that led me to spend 6 hours
trying to "make it work".

So I've come to the conclusion that in order for me to
successfully run rockboxui, I have to do a complete
install-from-scratch of X11 (as maybe I didn't do
something write with the libs/includes)...or acquire a
distribution of linux that already has sdl (currently
downloading Debian 3.1); that is, unless someone can
tell me what it is I'm doing wrong or provide the
correct way to install SDL...

I was asked to put the link to sdl on the crosscompile
twiki but it was soon deleted for whatever reason.
Nowhere in the twiki does it say how/where to
successfully get sdl installed...I guess either cause
if you don't have already have it, you must be a noob
if you can't install it.

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Received on 2006-02-27

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