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Subject: Freenode IRC

Freenode IRC

From: Tomas Salfischberger <>
Date: 2006-03-07

Hi All,

After a long processing time, we've finally got our group contact forms
etc. done. We can now setup cloaks* like all big projects. The idea
behind this is that people can recognize all project members with it.
The initial cloak to issue will be "rockbox/developer/Nickname" for
everybody with CVS commit access.

Can everybody who's interested reply to me (off list please) with their
IRC nickname and CVS username?


* = Cloaks are the freenode name for hostmasks. They replace your ip or
hostname on IRC, a join message will change from this:
[23:31:33] * t0mas ( has joined #rockbox
to something like this:
[23:31:33] * t0mas (n=Tomas@rockbox/developer/t0mas) has joined #rockbox
Received on Tue Mar 7 23:37:59 2006

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