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Subject: Signing off.

Signing off.

From: gl <>
Date: 2006-03-08

After Linus was about to commit one of my patches, it turns out the project
leaders are not willing to accept contributions under a pseudonym. This may
be normal in the GPL world, but for someone from the Windows / BSD license
world, this seems utterly bizarre. An open-source project should be about
contributions, and be as accomodating as possible to the people it asking to
contribute their time and effort to. I have no problems following technical
guidelines - but I'm not about to compromise my personal choices for a
project that requires quality contributions to survive.

So, as the decision is apparently final I'm signing off. I guess my various
patches and WPS will either remain private, or will be released
independently at some point. Although if they're not going to get to CVS, I
don't really see the point.

I think you guys should debate whether this really is the best way to go...

Received on Wed Mar 8 16:00:30 2006

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