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Subject: Re: Signing off.

Re: Signing off.

From: Bluechip <>
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 07:53:32 +0000


> > Bjorn, what about the point that Rockbox is most likely 'real software,
> > written by real people with many fake names'? If you cannot enforce the
> > accuracy of a given name, then why try?
>It's a form of social trust (or "due diligence", if you like legal

Surely at the point in time the maintainers now know that the trust
has been breached they can no longer be considered "dilligent"? At
this moment they are actively choosing to "turn-a-blind-eye" (I would
need to ask my sister for the legal version of that.)

>I wonder how many contributors have used real sounding but fake names?

FOUR that I know of personally.
"Please do not ask for details without a subpoena, for refusal often offends."

>I won't pretend to hold any influence in this project, but from my
>experience, an email address is more 'real' online than a name. As
>people have said, a name can be faked. An email address is
>functional, and so, is much more likely to be accurate.

...and should there be some catastrophic legal horror ...I'm sure
IP's will be reversed, ISP's contacted and 5am raids organised.

>I don't expect them to change their positions because now pride is involved.

Surely a leader with strength-of-character would not fall foul to
"vanity" or "pride"?!

>Are you aware that section 504(c)(2) of the United States Copyright
>Act allows statutory damages of up to $150,000 for willful copyright
>infringement, and statutory damages of $750 to $30,000 for
>non-willful copyright infringement?

Here you go guys... The proof of the pudding...
If the devs turn a blind eye to that, then you will know that all the
claims of legality are just a smoke-screen.

I personally have a foaming pint of British best which says they will
do the same as they did with the speech synth - ignore the legalities
until they receive a cease-and-desist from (in this case)
Fraunhofer/Thompson, and pray they don't get stung for the
50,000...60,000 USD they are legally required to pay [given the
nature of this situation, I _guess_ "per-unit" is out of the question].

>you ppl are forgetting that the project is based in sweden.. so us
>law means sweet F*ck all.

Read up on DeCSS sometime. As I am led to understand it, the situation is now:
If you break a US law while in another country and then enter the US,
you may be tried for the crime as if it were committed in the US.
I wonder if that was a part of the consideration when choosing Sweden
as the host for the DevCon ...probably not, but it _does_ make you
wonder if the guys are as well read as they would have us believe.

Received on 2006-03-10

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