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Subject: Re: coLinux development environment

Re: coLinux development environment

From: Jonathan Gordon <>
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 18:13:40 +1100

ok, we r ready to rock n roll...
install colinux from and dont download an image
file when it asks if u want to..
grab my image from (can
some1 host this please? i dont know if uni will like this..), its
136MB, its a self extracting 7-zip and it uncompresses to about
download a swap partition (instructions )
then u need to grab toporesize form and use it to
resize the root_fs image to at least 1gb, (i did it this way so the
uncompressed file would be as small as possible, but u can expand it
to as large as u want). i rekon about 2gb is enough. then you should
be ready to run..

some important stuff.... the root password is qwe so thats a good
thing to change when ur going..
the only other user ive added is "rockdev" with pass "rb". ive setup
the account with sudo provelages (yes, i dont ive a poop about
security... u can tighten it if u want). and ssh is enabled and
working on both those accounts..

ive done a full update so apart from any recent updates in the last
day it should be up to date, plus ive installed the following stuff..

ive also added 2 aliases for the rockdev user... getcvs which will
grab the whole cvs tree... im lazy :p
also, like the cygwin devkit ive added rbconf which is ../tools/configure

so, the m68k, sh-1 and arm targets all work, i didnt add gdb or X or
sdl coz i wanted to upload it from uni and ran out of time, but if
they are wanted i can update it...

if everyone is happy with it ill do a wiki page for it..

On 13/03/06, Jonathan Gordon <> wrote:
> On 13/03/06, Bluechip <> wrote:
> > Nice!
> >
> > I'm curious ...will it compile the win32sim? If not, could it be made to?
> > If so, then [OT] I can scrap cygwin for all my PC development :)
> >
> ive just set it up for sh and im gonna do a test then set it up for arm..
> isnt the win32sim dead? just use sdl.. the onlyt thing that bugs me
> with it is you dont see the debug output easily (well while its
> running anyway)... but its still less annoying than copying it to the
> player every time to test it.
> > One useful tip - I really do highly recommend that when considering
> > compression, especially on files of X-hundred MB ...give serious
> > consideration to the "7-zip" algorithm ( iirc)'s all
> > GPL/source-forge etc ...and is a real, live, released and maintained project.
> >
> > Just to clear up any misconceptions you MAY have ...7-zip is a NEW
> > compression algorithm which beats b-zip hands down. It will make a
> > win32 self-extracting archive at almost no cost, so no "user can't
> > decompress" fears, and (just for fun?) 7-zip will generate (if
> > requested) a "gzip compatable file" which is smaller than that which
> > gzip itself could make :)
> >
> the image file will be big.. so ill check all compression formats and
> see which will work best..
> > Sounds like just the thing to replace The existing DevKit. :)
> >
> > BC
> >
> > >hey all,
> > >i prefer to use colinux instead of cygwin on my windows box so i have
> > >made a hdd image which is ready to compile for the m68k targets..
> > >compressed its about 150mb..
> > >so, firstly, would other ppl want this as an alternative to cygwin,
> > >and can host the hdd image?
> > >if yes to both, then ill add support for all the other targets and
> > >upload the image to the web somewhere...
> > >
> > >just a comparison.. cygwin on my POS took 8+ min to do a full compile
> > >to h300.. cl took 4 min
> >
> >
> for sdl, im going to setup X on it so it can run a vnc server, so the
> sdl sim will work.... do i need to bother with gdb for each target?
> and the calmrisk target?
> also, for some reason my build size for the archos fm recorder is way
> out of whack with other comps (using gcc 3.3.6 and newlib 1.14).. so
> if thats bad.. suggest fixes :p
Received on 2006-03-14

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