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Subject: Re: Signing off.

Re: Signing off.

From: Bluechip <>
Date: 2006-03-15

Sorry, I have already replied to your questions
in -this- thread (to previous posts).
If you wish to rebut, I shall follow your lead to the new thread.

I do not understand the terms "straw man" or "tinfoils anonymous" :(


At 12:59 14/03/2006, you wrote:
>Bluechip wrote:
> > How about the legalitites of including an unlicensed MP3 codec?
>As I'm sure you are aware, our MP3 codec is
>licensed under GPL which we respect fully. Hence, no unlicensed MP3 codec.
>If you are referring to patents, we have
>repeatedly acknowledged that this may become a
>thorny (and, frankly, repulsive) issue. For the
>present though, software patents are illegal in
>Europe and thus for the time being we are in the
>clear. [If you or anyone else wants to debate
>software patents, please create a new thread.]
> > Or the legal issues with the copyrighted material which is reproduced
> > without express written concent.
>Specifics, please? (In a new thread)
> > Or the use of trademarked names for plugins.
>Specifics, please? (In a new thread)
> > The big-3 (ala have claimed that their
> > choice on anonimity is based in legal issues.
>And as I have said, the real name policy is not
>affected by opinions regarding its' legal
>relevance. That's a straw man. I also do not
>debate legal opinions on this list.
>Finally: Can you *please* do like everyone else
>and just tell us when you think you've found a
>problem, without drenching it in melodrama and
>innuendo? This is a developer list, not Tinfoils Anonymous.
Received on Wed Mar 15 04:09:52 2006

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