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Subject: Roxkbox Release Schedule (exciting news from Devcon!)

Roxkbox Release Schedule (exciting news from Devcon!)

From: Christi Alice Scarborough <>
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 19:14:18 +0000

 Rockbox 3.0 - codename Mayday

Feature freeze: 0:00 CET, Mon 3rd April 2006

    * No new features will be accepted into CVS for a period of four
weeks from this date.
    * Commits limited to bugfixes related to the functionality detailed

Proposed Release date: 1st May 2006

Supported Platforms

The functionality below should work (or be unimplementable) on all
targets below.

    * Archos Player, Recorder, Recorder v2, Recorder FM, Ondio
    * iRiver H1xx, H3xx

Release critical features

The freeze will be extended if necessary until the following are fully

    * Core functionality (everything that worked in Rockbox 2.5) (Please
report missing functionality for supported platforms in the bug tracker.)
    * iRiver power consumption issues
    * Disable Tag DB / runtime DB and replace with tagcache (runtime DB
/ song ratings not included in this release)
    * Software codec / EQ
    * Remote support for iRiver
    * All WPS/UI functionality currently in CVS
    * Voice Support

Other goals for release

    * No open bugs on supported platforms
    * Manual 3.0
    * Bootloader release
    * Doom plugin
    * Light (striped down themes, fonts, WPSes. etc) and full zip files
available for download
    * Support for platform specific versions of themes

Rockbox 3.1 - codename Fireworks

Approximate release date: November 2006

Supported Platforms

    * Archos Player, Recorder, Recorder v2, Recorder FM, Ondio
    * iRiver H1xx, H3xx
    * iPod 4g, 5g, Nano
    * iAudio X5

Proposed new features:

    * Runtime DB
    * Album art
    * Viewports in WPS
    * One image file WPSes (using tar files)
    * Platform independent architecture improvements to facilitate
porting to new platforms
          o New /platform directory containing heirarchical structure of
platform specific code to reduce #ifdef usage and code duplication
          o Platform specific #defines in /firmware replaced by inline
functions included from the /platform heirarchy
          o Keymappings for applications to be based upon platform
independent functions (eg next item, last item, up in heirarchy etc.)
which are defined in a single platform specific file. No #ifdef KEYPAD_*
statements to remain.
          o All #ifdefs in /apps to be function specific (eg HAS_RTC,
HAS_RECORD, HAS_MENU_BAR) rather than hardware specific
Received on 2006-03-18

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