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Subject: Re: Bug in screen_access.c affecting all drivers.

Re: Bug in screen_access.c affecting all drivers.

From: Bluechip <>
Date: 2006-04-05

>>>>What's an accusation without supporting evidence?
>>>Hehe. Looks like I had a soft moment there. Won't happen again, promise.
>>Now that respect and token-gratitude are declared signs of weakness,
>>I am sure you will keep that promise.
>>I thought better of you Linus, really, I honestly thought YOU were
>>above such pettiness.
>I would be careful of mis-interpreting the tone of what people write
>in emails. Linus could've been being light-hearted there.

Yes, you could well be right.

"Credit where credit's due" [excuse the pun]... Linus has made
_numerous_ attempts to help resolve these BS issues.
Not least of all the link above which struck me (even at the time)
as an amicable compromise to the "uncredited work" scenario.

I immediately jumped to the inference that Linus means
"crediting people ...won't happen again" (from "there" meaning "the
above link")
...he could well have meant, "eschewing creditation ...won't happen again"

Received on Wed Apr 5 12:47:02 2006

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