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Subject: Re: Bug in screen_access.c affecting all drivers.

Re: Bug in screen_access.c affecting all drivers.

From: Brandon Low <>
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006 07:05:07 -0500

First, I'm glad that reasonable is met with reasonable, I was afraid to
enter this thread.

Second, I have met Linus and Daniel in person, and I've rarely met more
friendly and jovial engineers.

I don't think that the policy is that we don't want want to _work with_
anonymous people, but merely that we cannot accept anonymous code
ownership in our repository, so we can't take a patch from you, apply it
and put you in the credits without your name. Users who submit bug
reports generally do not get put in the credits file, and that is how
you are being treated now, you are credited (I bet they would even let
us credit you by 'gl' in the CVS logs) as having found the bug, and your
proposed fix, implemented by one of us, is put in the repository.

Rockbox is a very unique project in the open source world. It's a fairly
large project, with a high level of technical difficulty that is
implemented without any corporate financial backing. I think it is
arguably only as successful as it is because of the attitude of "real
software by real people". This project feels like _real software_, and
this means that in order to work on it, you must be a _real engineer_.

I'm sorry that you won't be contributing bug reports any more. Good bug
reports are very valuable to a project, probably better than half baked
patches (no claim about _your_ patches here, just a general statement).



On Thu, 04/06/06 at 10:14:27 +0100, gl wrote:
> >If you post bugs to this list, and offer a fix, what would you have us
> >do with it? Simply ignore it since you refuse to be given credit by
> >name, or would you rather we improve the project by reimplementing and
> >comitting that fix to the repository?
> At last somebody who can make a point in a reasonable way. What happened
> was that whilst I was reporting those bugs, it ocurred to me that the whole
> thing was ridiculous - if my work is no good here, why is it being
> accepted? I agree that it makes no sense to continue to do so.
> >You can't have it both ways, if you don't want your ideas used, then
> >don't post them, don't give them to us. If you _do_ then feel free to
> >continue posting them, and we appreciate them.
> Agreed - but you guys can't have it both ways either. Either the policy
> exists because you genuinely don't want to work with anonymous users, then
> don't accept contributions through the backdoor. It makes the policy a
> joke.
> >Either way, no bitching and moaning is needed, it's your choice, and as
> >long as you continue posting those fixes to this mailing list, they will
> >keep making their way into the repo. with or without your name attached
> >to them.
> Bitching and moaning is the result of people acting like jerks to a
> legitimate complaint, reasonably made - Linus in this case. If you guys
> want a reasonable discussion, act reasonably (like you just have). It just
> goes to show that _everybody_ online hides behind their anonymity - unless
> you can see someone face to face, you can act how you like. But that seems
> to be generally sanctioned here, so I'm getting out of the zoo, problem
> solved.
> --
> gl
Received on 2006-04-06

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