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Subject: Re: Release policy and coordination

Re: Release policy and coordination

From: Mike Holden <>
Date: 2006-05-31

Jonathan Gordon said:
> and battery life shouldnt be a reason to not release for
> h300 (not that it really means anything to most of the ppl
> watching this list..)

How much of an issue is battery life on the 340 anyway? I use an
up-to-date daily build all the time (usually no more than a couple of days
out of date) on my 340, and I easily see about 8 hours of battery life
predicted, and I get through a full day's use each day, and recharge

For me, the battery life is a non-issue and I use my unit a lot. It could
always be improved on of course, but it's plenty good enough to release

TBH, I'm more concerned that voiced files/dirs stops after playlist
completion as I use the unit a lot in the car, and voicing files is very
handy to avoid distraction.

Mike Holden
Received on Wed May 31 11:01:48 2006

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