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Subject: Re: iRiver button usage for 3.0.

Re: iRiver button usage for 3.0.

From: Liberman Shachar \(Lamed\) <"Liberman>
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 19:33:58 +0200

This are all true and I gave those aspects a lot of thinking myself.
There's no real use for the stop button in anything except the WPS.
you can _always_ go one level up using right button, so i've figured the
probably most used
option in rockbox (and that takes at least 5 different button presses as it
is now) is the playlist screen,
so I suggest STOP to go from fileview (or tag view) to playlist view and
back. pressing it on menus should
take you back to viewing files, while pressing play should always take you
back to the wps.
That way you have VOL +/- and pause/stop two clicks away, (unless you're
already in the wps)
and you can always navigate your music fast.

I have stopped making suggestions like this to rockbox a long time ago, I
haven't found no developer
that takes user accessibility in this kind of an important fasion.
I've stopped patching my own player for this, as you always want to stay
updated with the cvs code
and it usually creates some hassling... (no cvs update tips are required

I think that when we'll have 3.0 out I'll stop being so uptight about
updating and then we can change
and distribute those kind of firmwares without updating and rebuilding all
the time,

But I do hope that someone takes this as serious as we take it :)

"Simon M." <> wrote in message
> I'd like to have hold rec to display the current playlist. So I think
> it would be better to be able to configure the use of the rec-button,
> since everybody seems to have diffent ideas for it (another examle
> from an optimised build: jpg viewer or lyrics)
> But I really would like to have your first suggestion. It is logical
> to return to wps the same way as from the file browser/tagcache and
> shouldn't be too hard to implement.
> I would like to mention another annoying thing: The pitch control
> conflicts with a-b repeat. When a-b is turned on, then it should be
> disabled that a long press of play enters the pitch control screen.
> 2006/4/4, gl <>:
>> (this is a user comment for a 3.0 iRiver release, I haven't studied the
>> button code so I have no specific recomendations to make).
>> On my H140, I find the button use for traversing the options menu
>> irritating. For one, I think the play button (a seperate button on the
>> H1x0's from the joystick 'select' click) should always instantly return
>> to
>> the WPS, unless you're actually inside something that uses it (eg.
>> confirmation to save a .cfg file, or any plugin).
>> As it is right now you have to use the 'stop' or the 'option' buttons to
>> move step-by-step all the way back out of the menu hierarchy - that's not
>> only unecessary, but I often use stop, and then end up pressing it
>> several
>> times in anticipation, so when I get to the WPS a buffered stop usually
>> stops playback inadvertently (well I'm more careful now, but it's bad
>> design
>> imo).
>> I'd also like to see 'hold play' go to the radio, and 'hold record' to
>> enter
>> the recording screen (I think requiring rec to be held for 1sec is safer,
>> and also still allows people to use it to enable the backlight).
>> --
>> gl
Received on 2006-06-12

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