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Subject: recording monitoring issue on some h1x0 players

recording monitoring issue on some h1x0 players

From: Peter D'Hoye <>
Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2006 10:21:49 +0200

amiconn, preglow:

I'm unable to spend time on this issue, maybe one of you can check it out?

The problem seems to be that when using the option that rockbox boots into
the recording screen, there is no audio monitoring possible until you leave
and re-enter the recording screen.

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original message from Alan Martello:
By repeatedly checking out versions from CVS and doing builds, I was able to
determine that the build on 2006-05-12 works but the build on 2006-05-13
does not. Upon diff-ing the source trees, I find the following files have
In apps:
debug_menu.c, settings.c, sound_menu.c
In firmware:
The changes in debug_menu.c, settins.c and sound_menu.c were fairly minor
and didn't appear to be the culprit at first glance. The changes in
pcm_record.c however is another matter. 2006-05-13 was when substantial
SPDIF recording changes were checked into pcm_record.c
To see if I could narrow it down additionally, I commented out
HAVE_SPDIF_IN, HAVE_SPDIF_OUT and HAVE_SPDIF_POWER in export/config-h120.h,
and after fixing a compiler error in debug_menu.c, the resulting firmware
still did not output audio to the headphones when started automatically in
recording mode.
I then looked closer at the diffs of pcm_record.c and I have definite
suspicions about the usage of DATAINCONTROL (was used only at init time in
the old firmware and is now used a number of times throughout). I couldn't
tell for sure if the effected bits in DATAINCONTROL are associated with the
headphones or not (it's a lot of information for me to get up to speed on).
Anyway, I think I've reached my limit. The "sleep(HZ)" fix works. My guess
is that the rearrangement to pcm_record when SPDIF support was added on
2006-05-13 tweaked some initialization code that was working fine before the
If you can think of anything else I can look at or have suggestions to test,
let me know.

Thanks for listening and your suggestions.
Received on 2006-06-24

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