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Subject: RE: Option rework (was: Re: my next crazy idea... rework themenusystem)

RE: Option rework (was: Re: my next crazy idea... rework themenusystem)

From: RaeNye <>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 20:39:28 +0200

I strongly agree with the notion of "frequently changing" vs. "set-once"
A couple of related ideas:
- Sort options by last access time (after a while, your personal favorites
will always be on top)
- Have a MRU (most recently used) options submenu.


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[] On Behalf Of gl
Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 1:38 PM
To: Rockbox development
Subject: Re: Option rework (was: Re: my next crazy idea... rework

First off, why not just have an 'Advanced' root menu entry, and store
qualifying settings there? That way nothing's hidden, just neatly
partitioned and still cleans up the rest.

Second, there are a whole bunch of settings that are set up once and then
never changed, and those can go into the Advanced or a similar dedicated
branch. For example, the disk shutting down completely. Surely nobody
needs to toggle this frequently. And even if they do, they can go into the
Advanced branch.

I see no point expecting people to edit config files when all you need is
some reorganisation to achieve the same thing.
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From: XavierGr
To: Rockbox development
Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 12:22 PM
Subject: Re: Option rework (was: Re: my next crazy idea... rework the
My opinion is that Rockbox menus are just plain Great!
Lots of options for serious users. Plain and simple menus that allow the
user to modify his DAP like no-other player. Of course a little discussion
to where each menu should be or optimisation of the menu system would be
All the users should read the manual and ask about a specific option if they
are not sure what it does. Once you know about it you will never forget it.
Give me as many options as you can and I am happy! Call this "optionitis" 
but that is why I use Rockbox, to be able to modify each and every little
detail on my player.
I am not fond of the advanced/simple idea scheme either. Although it could
make the menus more tidy fast and easy I see no point to it. If the user
doesn't want much interaction with the "cluttered" menu system then why not
use .cfg files? Most of the users eventually will enabled advanced options
to feel that they can fully customize their player.
Remember that a simple option for your maybe advanced for others. So yet
again we will have to argue which of the options will be advanced/simple.
The idea I would like to see would be to allow the user to choose the layout
of the menus on a config file. But that would be very tricky to implement
On 23/08/06, Paul Louden <> wrote:
I think that a simple/advanced scheme does not solve any problems at all.
First: The problem of having a hard time finding options. In the simple
scheme they will theoretically be just as hard to find, they're just harder
to find in a shorter list on the page they're on.
Second: You don't know they're hidden or not until you switch to advanced
(unless you do the gray-out thing, in which case you lose all benefit of
simplification entirely, as you've just got all the options there, with some
being unchangeable, which really is no different from a user choosing not to
change them.)
I think a Simple/Advanced scheme has absolutely nothing to offer without
rather drastic menu reorganization in the "Simple" schema, and then, if
there's even one option a user likes to change not under Simple, they won't
use it. I don't think it's worth the code.
On 8/23/06, Malcolm Tyrrell <> wrote:
> My point is, that when you have the simple view, and turn on advanced, 
> a bunch of settings just appeared, and you have no idea which, or 
> where they are. This makes it, in my eyes, more confusing than simply 
> always having all options available.
Another option is having options grayed out if you're in Simple mode.
Received on 2006-08-23

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