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Subject: Re: Option rework (was: Re: my next crazy idea... rework the menusystem)

Re: Option rework (was: Re: my next crazy idea... rework the menusystem)

From: Pieter Bos <>
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 13:06:49 +0200

Wouldn't it be an idea to add an extra option to enable or disable the
advanced/simple menu system, so people can just choose if they want all
their options or part of their options hidden/in an extra menu. If you now
default to the advanced/simple screen and keep the 'keep all options in one
menu' option in the advanced screen, both kind of users should be happy!

Of course, that does add yet another option.

I really dislike the configuration file instead of options. Makes things
complicated and definately not easy to use. You'd have to find out how to
edit which config file to change options, instead of just entering a menu
and changing the option. Plus, the editor will have to be made accessible to
blind people as well - while the current system already is. After all, we
already have a configuration editor - the current option menu system is in
fact just that!

And while the most recently used options is perhaps a bit annoying, allowing
an 'my options' menu in which you can manually put options you frequently
use might be an idea?


"john" <> wrote in message
>> If e.g. the options "crossfeed" and "stereo width" would be advanced
>> options, you'll still find them at the "sound settings menu" - when
>> you're in advanced mode.
> But "crossfeed" is a simple option, because it`s one of the first
> options I ever used and the cause I fell instantly in love with
> rockbox.
> You see: Splitting options into two categories, named simple and
> advanced, is highly subjective.
> And in my opinion this increases complexity, as the options are
> already arranged in a hierachical tree and this would introduce new
> nodes in various positions in it. An equalizer setting might have an
> simple and advanced mode, but this nodes would be children of the
> equalizer node option and not the other way round.
> So it might be useful to have an advanced user flag, that increases
> complexity or some options. But it is a different deal to switch of
> part of the options/settingsa tree, as, I repeat myself, every user has
> different preferences.
> But maybe use a common standard for the simple menu tree, like to show
> only options that are available with the original iriver oder ipod
> firmware. ;-)
> Or maybe give every option a unique ID (numeric or by name) and just
> read the menu tree from harddisk, so every user can arrange this at
> will.
> Then, I`m sure, in a few month some smartass will write a patch, that
> tracks menu action and rearranges the tree dynamically based on user
> behaviour. And I will love it. :-)
> cu
> John
Received on 2006-09-07

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