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Subject: Re: menu/settings merging take 2!

Re: menu/settings merging take 2!

From: Jonathan Gordon <>
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2006 14:54:28 +1000

hmm... does the h300 use a different #define to store to non-volatile
ram? HAVE_RTC_RAM is only defined for archos?

anyway, attached is the updated settings.c which uses the RTC for
settings with the F_SAVETORTC flag set.
It compiles on archos, and looks correct, but i cant actually test it
(unless HAVE_RTC_RAM is defined for the sim?)
hmm.. rtc ram is only 44bytes, so is room for 11 settings going to be
enough? or am I going to have to go back to the bit setting like

On 08/09/06, Jonathan Gordon <> wrote:
> On 08/09/06, Linus Nielsen Feltzing <> wrote:
> > Jonathan Gordon wrote:
> > > Both config blocks have been removed. All settings are now stored in a
> > > very long list (settings_list.c).
> > > Settings are loaded automatically from /.rockbox/config.cfg and
> > > /.system.cfg (system.cfg is used for settings which are important but
> > > the user does not configure them, random seed, etc.)
> >
> > How do you plan to store the settings that need to be stored in the RTC
> > RAM on the Archos Recorder models?
> >
> > Linus
> >
> >
> because the number of settings that really need to be stored there
> will be tiny compard to what is stored there today I tihnk it would be
> ok to just pretend the rtc RAM is an array of ints.
> Now, there is about 20bits left in the item flags, so we can either
> use one bit to say to store in ram and it stores in the next vailble
> array item, or we use a few bits and store the array item number into
> the flags for the item.
> The down side to the first one is that we go back to needing config
> numbers, the down side to the 2nd is obviously "wasting" bits on a
> more special case.
> Which way is better?
> ... 30sec of thinking later....
> I think it will have to be the first way. because vairables which are
> #ifdef'ed out will become annoying with the rtc RAM array numbers.
> also, the config version really wont be as annoying as it is now (i.e
> the only things which will be lost with a config version change are
> the rtc items, which will probbaly be stored to disk also anyway)

Received on 2006-09-08

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