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Subject: RE: MP3 playing bug with recent versions of RB on H140

RE: MP3 playing bug with recent versions of RB on H140

From: Monty Lilburn <>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 22:00:25 +0100 (BST)

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for relating your experience with your reset button. Sounds like
I've possibly damaged it in some way but further testing is in order to
find out for sure.

I've normally tried to stay up-to-date with CVS versions always hoping
that more of Rockbox is accessible with the VOICE add-on - which I have
to say, it has a ways to go but is heading in the right direction! I
attempted to locate the 060607 build for the H120/H140 but it looks like
the Daily builds do not go back that far. Any idea where I can obtain
that build? If no where official perhaps you could E-mail it to me? I
will definitely not be viewing any jpegs so I won't care about that minor


On Mon, 25 Sep 2006, Christopher Woods wrote:

> I might be wrong (please correct me if I am!) but from what I've seen of the
> circuit board and the reset switch, with the device's casing off, I believe
> the reset button is nothing more than a software button, insofar that it
> doesn't actually break any circuit. To me, it looks like pressing it merely
> instructs the power circuitry to perform a power cycle, just like pressing
> the play button instructs the playback circuitry to begin playback (without
> the covers and the buttons on, the reset and playback control buttons look
> identical)... I've only ever had a hard lockup once, where I couldn't even
> reset the device with the reset button, and that was when (I think) the
> battery reached a pretty low point and at the same time the hard drive was
> being accessed. I'd had my H140 for a while by then, at least a year and a
> half, coming on two years, so it may have just been that the device was
> getting towards the end of its life cycle (used almost daily)... Anyways, I
> ended up having to take the entire device apart (good job I was in
> University and had access to the right tools), but I had to take it apart
> completely and short out the power pins leading into the PCB. Which meant
> taking the hard drive out. With the device still running. Not good.
> Once I did that and put it back together again, the device wouldn't boot at
> all, but I took it home, plugged it in and left it charging overnight and in
> the morning it powered up first time. I ended up getting a new one soon
> after though, as I dropped it onto concrete from about three feet in the
> air. Not clever.
> I myself use an older build (cvs-060607) and aside from AAC playback not
> being realtime (has that ever been fixed?) it works alright. I get
> occasional lockups when I'm viewing JPG files and attempt to navigate back
> out to the directory listing a little too 'fast'... It's ok though apart
> from that.
> But yes, I do believe that the reset button isn't a hardware switch at all,
> to me it looked just like a software switch just like the other buttons on
> the device.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Monty Lilburn []
> Sent: 25 September 2006 16:58
> To: Rockbox development
> Subject: Re: MP3 playing bug with recent versions of RB on H140
> Hello,
> You definitely bring up a good point as normal functionality of reset
> buttons is that the circuit breaks and resets the unit. The reason I
> thought something may be different in the H140's circuitry is because I
> found a post by searching Google where someone's player froze and they too
> couldn't get the reset to work even though it felt properly when pushing the
> button. They thought their button worked and had to drain the battery to
> reset. I thought I was experiencing the same problem!
> However, I just tried resetting my player just now (while it is in normal
> working order) and it wouldn't reset either. I am using a paper clip and
> can feel the spring on the button working so it would seam it is pressing
> though I obviously don't know what the contacts are doing behind the button.
> I guess something must be up with the button then, though it doesn't explain
> the MP3 playing freezing problem but thanks for helping me with this one!
> Monty
> On Mon, 25 Sep 2006, gl wrote:
>>> Pressing various buttons for varying lengths of time and even hard
> resets
>>> via the reset button do not reset the player.
>> Hey Monty, do you mean you've tried the pin-in-the-reset-hole and even
> that
>> doesn't work? I've never seen this on my H140, and can't see how that
> could
>> happen unless you have some hardware fault?
>> --
>> gl
Received on 2006-09-25

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