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Subject: Re: Open bugs in Rockbox

Re: Open bugs in Rockbox

From: Jonas H <>
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2006 07:18:34 +0100 wrote:
> Flyspray contains 142 open bugs:

And here I'll address the 10 first and add my thoughts. Maybe someone
will be able to add insight one way or another. It's highly unlikely
that I'll be able to do anything to fix the bugs, but with a bit of
luck, someone will. Please take the time to look through this small
handful of bugs, and I'll do the same next week if anything good comes
of it.

> 2 years 200 days old: Corrupt files using time split feature
> 6 comments, 0 files:

(HWcodec only) This is a MAS bug, which was (in Jens Arnold's words) "a
lot less likely to occur since release 2.5". He also explains in the
last comment what needs to be done to fix the problem (checking recorded
data continually and restarting the MAS once it starts outputting
bitshifted data).

> 1 years 43 days old: Rewinding at end of song confuses playback
> 8 comments, 0 files:

(SWCODEC only) Problem in the playback code. Probably takes some
advanced magic to fix this.

> 252 days old: iPod going into USB mode when using the wall charger.
> 4 comments, 0 files:

This is caused by Rockbox being unable to distinguish a charger from a
USB connection.

> 251 days old: text viewer setting saving not working on ipods
> 2 comments, 0 files:

This one is confusing. I'm not sure just what is going on here, or even
quite what the submitter means. I think this might be solved by now,
since the viewer has been given a major overhaul since this was opened.
Can anyone with an Ipod verify?

> 248 days old: USB Bootloader Mode not working properly
> 18 comments, 0 files:

This is for H300 and sounds like it might be something that depends on
different hardware versions and combinations, since clearly many people
have been using USB Bootloader mode successfully.

> 245 days old: Random resets when playing while plugged in (USB)
> 2 comments, 0 files:

Rockbox/Ipods rebooting when reaching full charge while charging from USB.

> 242 days old: Rockbox doesn\'t shut down gracefully on low battery.
> 10 comments, 0 files:

This is probably partly a philosophy question, since shutting down on
low battery will cut some amount of playtime off. As Dominik Riebeling
mentions in the first comment, a safeguard has been put into the
shutdown code, so that it will abort attempts to save settings after
some number of times, so in some ways, you could argue that this bug is

> 222 days old: 32000 Hz AAC track plays too fast
> 4 comments, 1 files:

This bug is still valid - I just tested the sample file in a Simulator
(plays fine in Winamp).

> 220 days old: Ipod Video constant ticking and scrollwheel noise bug
> 4 comments, 0 files:

In the words of Brandon Low: "I believe this to be related to our slow
I2C implementation, and occurs when the battery status and/or realtime
clock are updated"

> 218 days old: convbdf segfaults on very large fonts
> 7 comments, 2 files:

This one I reported, and it's obviously not terribly important. Has a
patch by Marcoen Hirschberg that should probably just be applied unless
anyone can argue that it shouldn't. Seems to be caused by a buffer being
too small (but somehow depends on gcc versions).

Jonas H
Received on 2006-11-06

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