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Subject: Re: Project internet presence proposals

Re: Project internet presence proposals

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 15:23:15 +0100 (CET)

On Fri, 12 Jan 2007, wrote:

> 1. Develop a new community attitude towards the wiki

How do you suggest we develop such an attitude? While I too think better wiki
pages would be good, I think we all in general already do as good as we can
and have time/energy for.

> It should be seen as a cache for all the other sources of documentation -
> you look there first, and if unsatisfied *then* move on to the forums and
> tracker and mailing lists (and irc logs and code).

One problem with this is that different people act differently. Some of us use
the ml first, some of us use IRC, some are forum people etc. I think it'll be
very hard trying to force people into a line saying you should always use
proceed the Rockbox departments in this ABC order...

The good part with us having all these different services, is that we can
cater for all those different kinds of people.

> 2. Archive forum threads once they've been wikified to everyone's
> satisfaction, so they don't get in the way when you're browsing active
> topics or searching for information that's NOT in the wiki.

Sounds like a complicated aministrative work-load, possibly also relying on
support in the forum software.

But I agree that reducing clutter is a worthy goal.

> 3. Get rid of TWiki, use something much nicer (simpler)

This gets brought up every now and then and is usually shot down again (not
the least since this idea kind often implies that the job is to be done by the
admins of the server). So there are more pretty-looking wikis and
sure there are those that don't encourage CamelCase like twiki does, but is it
really such a big deal? I don't think so. And instead of wasting time and
energy on this, can't we focus on the contents and work on that instead?

It would also give us lots of work for the conversion and links needing

> Whether TWiki is kept or replaced by something already out there (or
> preferably something written by scratch - I'd be *more than happy* to put a
> decent one together)

Gee, as if we don't have enough code to write already without reinventing yet
another wheel!

> it should be easy to flag information as obsolete, dubious, or otherwise
> disputed

I don't see how any SW can help us detect that. Only humans can find such bad
data or update such info.

> 4. Install a bot in the irc channel that announces new discussion threads and
> SVN commits as they happen.

No! We have enough clutter and these days there are 140+ users in the channel.
Why would we need/want a bot clogging the channel with info we (who care)
already get by mailing lists and by reading the web site(s)?

> 6. Integrate the wiki and the manual.

Others have already described why this doesn't work.

> 7. Clean out ancient unused files from
> svn:// after making sure any useful info
> they contain has been wikified. Clutter is confusing.

The web stuff in SVN is hardly used and I've never considered that a problem,
but sure we can of course delete the stuff that isn't ever showed anywhere or
are otherwise obsolete. Feel free to point out such items when you find them!
Received on 2007-01-11

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