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Subject: Re: Sansa radio driver (AS5314 help

Re: Sansa radio driver (AS5314 help

From: Antonius Hellmann <>
Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 20:29:32 +0200

I ran the sansa emulator into the radio menu. This is the result:
Directly after entering the radio menu the sansa emulator does a lot of
accesses to the GPIO-H registers.
Probably this can give a hint, how to configure the output? But it may be
only relevant for detecting the radio hardware.
R1=read one byte, W1=write one byte

711186e 0000e90c CPU GPO_H_VAL 6000d0ac R1-00000000
7111870 0000e914 CPU GPO_H_VAL 6000d0ac W1-00000010
7111872 0000e91c CPU GPO_H_ENB 6000d09c R1-0000001e
7111874 0000e924 CPU GPO_H_ENB 6000d09c W1-0000001e
7111876 0000e92c CPU GP_H_ENB 6000d08c R1-000000de
7111878 0000e934 CPU GP_H_ENB 6000d08c W1-000000de
7111879 0000e938 CPU GPO_H_ENB 6000d09c R1-0000001e
711187b 0000e940 CPU GPO_H_ENB 6000d09c W1-0000001e
711187c 0000e944 CPU GP_H_ENB 6000d08c R1-000000de
711187e 0000e94c CPU GP_H_ENB 6000d08c W1-000000fe
711187f 0000e950 CPU GPO_H_VAL 6000d0ac R1-00000010
7111881 0000e958 CPU GPO_H_VAL 6000d0ac W1-00000010
7111882 0000e95c CPU GPO_H_ENB 6000d09c R1-0000001e
7111884 0000e964 CPU GPO_H_ENB 6000d09c W1-0000001e
7111885 0000e968 CPU GP_H_ENB 6000d08c R1-000000fe
7111887 0000e970 CPU GP_H_ENB 6000d08c W1-000000fe
71119a9 0000ea60 CPU GPO_H_VAL 6000d0ac R1-00000010
71119ac 0000ea6c CPU GPO_H_VAL 6000d0ac W1-00000018
71119ae 0000ea74 CPU GPO_H_ENB 6000d09c R1-0000001e
71119b0 0000ea7c CPU GPO_H_ENB 6000d09c W1-0000003e

71119c7 0000ea04 CPU GPO_H_VAL 6000d0ac R1-00000018
71119c9 0000ea0c CPU GPO_H_VAL 6000d0ac W1-00000008
71119ca 0000ea10 CPU GPO_H_VAL 6000d0ac R1-00000008
71119ce 0000ea20 CPU GPO_H_VAL 6000d0ac W1-00000028
71119df 0000ea2c CPU GPO_H_VAL 6000d0ac R1-00000028
71119e1 0000ea34 CPU GPO_H_VAL 6000d0ac W1-00000038

----- Original Message -----
From: "Ivan Zupan" <>
To: "Rockbox development" <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2007 6:57 AM
Subject: Re: Sansa radio driver (AS5314 help

> >
>> You could try Toni's emulator, maybe this gives some hint's about GPIO
>> ports or memory addresses, but i don't know how much the emulator works
>> with the radio part of the OF.
> Maybe someone with a better understanding of it can look over that part?
> I could not even get it past the bootloader...
> In terms of progress, all that works so far is detecting if the station is
> mono/stereo, getting the chip id, and station signal strength. I have
> also made it generate an interrupt for what it's worth. However, there
> are some things which need to be figured out, such as the algorithm for
> tuning. It involves calculations from 3 registers, FM_OSC, IF_OSC and
> FM_CAP and a bunch of math intensive operations. It also requires you to
> measure with an internal counter and write the result to another register.
> Interestingly enough, they ask that a register be set to 65% of the value
> of another, but there is no reference to floating point or rounding?!
Received on 2007-05-15

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