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Subject: Re: cygwin packages instalation with jaws and a few other questions

Re: cygwin packages instalation with jaws and a few other questions

From: Peter Herngaard <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 23:59:40 +0200

Hello Tyler

My own experience with Cygwin installation with JAWS is not very positive.
I finally managed to complete the installation but only by selecting all
packages which amount to several gigabytes.
Best Wishes,

----- Original Message -----
From: +ACI-Tyler W+ACI-
Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2007 11:51 PM
Subject: cygwin packages instalation with jaws and a few other questions

+AD4- Hello,
+AD4- I've been trying to instal cygwin to compile patches and such, however,
+AD4- I'm having a slight problem.
+AD4- WhenI go to try and select various packages, i can't find the listbox,
+AD4- condo box- or anything else that says to select a package- so I searched
+AD4- on the mailing list and found something about graphics labeling. I've no
+AD4- experience with this, so if there's any blind users using cygwin that were
+AD4- able to select the various packages with jaws required to compile and
+AD4- such, I+ACI-D appreciate it. I've got a lot of patches that sound very
+AD4- interesting, including the patch in which remaining battery time is spoken
+AD4- along with buffer size, and another one to have remaining playlist time,
+AD4- average bitrate, and so on and so forth- time of the currently playing
+AD4- track etc. Could these be implemented into rockbox itself? It certainly
+AD4- would help me, I'm not sure about other users, though, I should sayI'd
+AD4- love to have remaining battery time spoken to me, if only to make me feel
+AD4- a little more in control and to know what the limmits of my player are,
+AD4- (ipod video), currently I've always had it plugged in when possible.
+AD4- another thing, the voicing of splash screens. For some things, I feel as
+AD4- though I'm in the dark, so to speak, for example, asking if I want to
+AD4- place a bookmark on stop would be virtually impossible as the speech
+AD4- doesn't ask when I stop playback, so I'm not sure what I would do and if
+AD4- I'd accedently say no or yes without meaning to, etc. Another thing I'm a
+AD4- little irritated about is the graphical eq, because I cant control
+AD4- anything and the hardware eq sucks as its harder to set and it usually, if
+AD4- not always, distorts playback. I know this isn't any fault of rockbox, I
+AD4- can't expect speech to be able to speak graphics, however I wish there
+AD4- could be an alternitive to this. Would any of this be possible, before I
+AD4- go put a feature request in? A few other things I'd like to see improved:
+AD4- - recently, I've been seeing the scroll wheel on the ipod video getting a
+AD4- little too sensitive for my liking. I wish there was some sort of setting
+AD4- (no idea how I'd go about setting it) that could allow us to choose how
+AD4- sensitive the wheel could be, weather it be weak to very strong to
+AD4- moderate or a percentage of accelleration or sensitivity, which I doubt
+AD4- could be accomplished.
+AD4- - I keep accedently hitting +ACI-record+ACI- with no idea how to get out of it, I
+AD4- don't know why the ipod as recording, anyway- is it even remotely
+AD4- know, this is probably a very stupid thing to be asking for- personal
+AD4- oppinion, if you will. Sorry about all these caps and non-caps, my caps
+AD4- lok key seems to have a mind of its own.
+AD4- - could more letters on the virtual keyboard b spoken, particularely
+AD4- numbers, commas, periods, perenthisis and brackets, and :. I doubt
+AD4- anything else needs to be there- at least, not for me, and I doubt we'll
+AD4- be using most of those symbols anyway.
+AD4- - instead of just +ACI-music+ACI-, could we have a particular file view for each
+AD4- type-, for example, wma files, mp3 files or ogg files. (maybe a submenu of
+AD4- music which could include all, .aiph etc etc, in alphebetical order?) But,
+AD4- that could pose a problem as some people may want more than one filetype.
+AD4- I don't know, these are just suggestions which I guess, when I get off
+AD4- this dialup, I'll send to flyspray. I just thought I'd get them out there.
+AD4- Any thoughts on this matter?
+AD4- Sorry about this- I know I went way off topic of this question.
+AD4- - Tyler
+AD4- Put Your Face In Your Space with Windows Live Spaces
Received on 2007-07-26

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