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Subject: developing rockbox and updating patches

developing rockbox and updating patches

From: Daniel Dalton <>
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2007 16:55:16 +1000


I have gone out and learned the basics of c.
I know how functions, the printf and scanf functions, constants,
variables, include file statements, for loops, while loops, if
statements and a couple of other things like assigning values to
variables work.

I really want to get in to developing rockbox.
I have been able to make the total disk size talk. I know this is
pointless because most people would probably know how big there
player's hard drive is. But I thought it was a good start.

I have a couple of things I want to make accessible. They are:
quick screen,
a bit more on the fm radio,
splash screens,
Make the book mark screen voice the file that has been book marked
So for example, if I book marked a file called "chapter 1"
maybe the voice could say "book mark one chapter 1 time" Where time is
the time that it was book marked on.
For example, 2 minutes and 33 seconds.
voice the time in 12 hour instead of 24 hour. Maybe also have this as an
and I would also like to make the playlist viewer accessible.

I know there are a lot of patches that do this sort of thing out there
and I wouldn't mind updating them so they will work on the latest SVN build.
So does anyone know how I should start when I download a patch and I
find out it doesn't work?
What else will I need to know to make the things I said above work?
What should I know about c. Is there anymore tutorials I should read. If
so does anyone know of any?
If I was to create a patch that put a music option in the main menu how
would I do this?
How do I display text on the screen?
To make a certain screen talk like a menu option once I have located it
in the code where should I place the talk function?
How do the talk functions work?
Is it possible to make splash screens voice and if so how is this done?

Now just a couple more questions.
Why can't plugins use the voice interface?
Couldn't they just use the talk.c file and then use the functions from
that? I don't know much about this so if someone could explain this to
me that would be great.

And my last question:
When I try to create a patch the diff file comes out with about 23000
lines. Is there away I can fix this?
I have just added two lines to main_menu.c and I have just made one
change to english.lang.
I am using cygwin on windows vista as well.

So if someone could help me out with any of these questions I would
greatly appreciate it.
Thank you very much.
Sorry about all the questions but I want to start helping out with rockbox.
Received on 2007-08-01

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