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Subject: Re: Iriver with 160GB drive

Re: Iriver with 160GB drive

From: john <>
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2007 12:53:19 +0100


* Linus Nielsen Feltzing ( [071030 11:41]:
> john wrote:

> >I wonder if just plugging a 80GB drive into an Iriver might work. I
> >guess, the boot loader of the IPOD has been patched for the 80GB
> >drive. But what about the boot loader for the Irivers, IAudios and
> >Gigabeats? And does rockbox on all platforms automatically support the
> >80GB drive?

> The 5.5G problems are specific to the drive that ships with the iPod,
> and is not a general 80GB problem. Rockbox has no issues with 80GB
> drives in general. Other people have fitted 80GB drives in irivers
> without problems.

Looking at the market I see only the MK8009GAH/MK8010GAH (Should be
identical or does only the MK8010GAH do the 1kb block transfers?),
which is also build into the IPOD. The only other 80GB drive I know is
the MK8007GAH. Maybe it is that type that works without problems, as
it also has the compatible pin connector. But this is not produced
anymore, so MK8009GAH is the only way to go (besides buying used
MK8007GAH drives occasionally showing up at ebay with ludicrous price
tags). But in that case the iriver code would need the same
capabilities as the IPOD code, wouldn't it?

That the 160GB drive uses the same 1kb block transfers as the
MK8010GAH drive is just a guess. Maybe it does 512 Bytes transfers as

> >And what about the 160GB drive?

> Rockbox can do 48-bit LBA addressing, so there is no problem there. The
> problem is instead that the USB-ATA chip on the iriver cannot handle
> LBA48, so you can't access the entire drive over USB. You will have to
> partition the drive so that the space > 128GB is dedicated to Rockbox.
> Not very convenient.

Hmm, the rockbox wiki lists the the CY7C68310/ISD-300LP as USB-ATA
bridge for the iriver h1xx series. And the CY7C68310 data sheet says:

"ATA/ATAPI-6 specification-compliant-provides support for mass storage
devices larger than 137GB"

Are you sure you didn't mix that up with the old Archos USB-ATA

Received on 2007-10-30

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