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Subject: Re: question about lang files

Re: question about lang files

From: Linus Nielsen Feltzing <>
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2007 00:25:40 +0100

alex wallis wrote:
> But supposing the option isn't voiced in the first place.
> i'm guessing we can't just add entrys to the lang file.
> i mean for example if i want to add an entry so rockbox announces the
> option dump rom contents under debug i'm guessing you can't just add a
> string to the lang file and expect it to no instantly where that option
> is or when to use the string.

You didn't tell me what your objective was, so I assumed that you knew
that much. The debug menu doesn't use string ID's because it isn't meant
to be localized, and not voiced either. It's a menu for the developers,
for debugging.

If you still want to do this for your own benefit, add a new LANG ID
called LANG_DUMPROM last in english.lang, like I described, then change
the string "Dump ROM contents" to ID2P(LANG_DUMPROM) in the menuitems[]
array. Then you have to add a get_talk callback in the simplelist in the
debug menu.

Here is an example patch that does this:

Index: apps/lang/english.lang
--- apps/lang/english.lang (revision 15908)
+++ apps/lang/english.lang (working copy)
_at__at_ -11512,4 +11512,18 _at__at_
      ipodvideo: "Treble Cutoff"
+ desc: Dump ROM contents (in the debug menu)
+ user:
+ <source>
+ *: "Dump ROM contents"
+ </source>
+ <dest>
+ *: "Dump ROM contents"
+ </dest>
+ <voice>
+ *: "Dump ROM contents"
+ </voice>

Index: apps/debug_menu.c
--- apps/debug_menu.c (revision 15908)
+++ apps/debug_menu.c (working copy)
_at__at_ -21,6 +21,8 _at__at_
  #include <stdio.h>
  #include <stdbool.h>
  #include <string.h>
+#include "lang.h"
+#include "talk.h"
  #include "lcd.h"
  #include "menu.h"
  #include "debug_menu.h"
_at__at_ -2263,7 +2265,7 _at__at_
  #if CONFIG_CPU == SH7034 || defined(CPU_COLDFIRE) || \
      (defined(CPU_PP) && !(defined(SANSA_E200) || defined(SANSA_C200)))
- { "Dump ROM contents", dbg_save_roms },
+ { ID2P(LANG_DUMPROM), dbg_save_roms },
  #if CONFIG_CPU == SH7034 || defined(CPU_COLDFIRE) || defined(CPU_PP)
|| CONFIG_CPU == S3C2440
          { "View I/O ports", dbg_ports },
_at__at_ -2342,6 +2344,14 _at__at_
      (void)data; (void)buffer;
      return menuitems[item].desc;
+static int debug_speak_item(int selected_item, void * data)
+ (void)data;
+ talk_id(P2ID(menuitems[selected_item].desc), false);
+ return 0;
  bool debug_menu(void)
      struct simplelist_info info;
_at__at_ -2349,6 +2359,8 _at__at_
      simplelist_info_init(&info, "Debug Menu", ARRAYLEN(menuitems), NULL);
      info.action_callback = menu_action_callback;
      info.get_name = dbg_menu_getname;
+ if(global_settings.talk_menu)
+ info.get_talk = debug_speak_item;

      return simplelist_show_list(&info);


Received on 2007-12-17

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