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Subject: reply to Stephane Doyons message

reply to Stephane Doyons message

From: alex wallis <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 06:27:20 -0000

Hi list.
Sorry for having to start a completely new thread for this topic, but as i
get messages in digest mode as far as i no there is no way to send messages
and get them included in existing threads.
How do other people manage with replying to threads and digest mode? or
don't many of you bother with it.

Anyway on to my point, Stephane, I think the patch should be commited as is.
Until or unless someone converts it into a plugin.
Now my next point about getting plugins talking i'm sure is going to get me
shot down and i'm ready for that and in advance i'd like to state though
i've never used them i'm sure archos players are good players.
But as I see it there are several points about getting plugins to talk.
Either we could have some kind of different optional lang and voice file to
get plugins talking, or we could get them to talk and put strings for them
into the existing lang file, as Mario lang did though I think his work is
out of date unfortunately.
Now I no what your all going to shout at this point, "we don't want the
voice file getting massive. This is true, but at the moment its really small
compared to the drives that most modern players have in them and compared to
the resources that modern players offer.
This is just my oppinion from what I understand and have read, but as i
understand it archos players are now by far the least powerful player that
rockbox supports in terms of features and resources for running rockbox.
I think that maybe the time is coming for rb to drop support for archos
players or at least give higher priority to existing and new ports as they
come on line. As at the moment it seems to me everyone is trying to do
things in order that they will work within the limitations of the archos
players. I think it makes practical sense to drop or scale back support for
archos players I mean I no they are still used by a small minority of users,
but do you still see microsoft releasing updates for ms dos or windows 95?
they both had there day and have now been overtaken by xp, which in its turn
will eventually be replaced by vista. You can't hold on to the past forever.
The way I see it is now archos players are holding back rb development as
they are becoming more and more out of step with modern technology. Maybe
the question of continuing to support archos players should be put to a
These are just my thoughts.
Received on 2008-01-11

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