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Subject: XML settings file from settings_list.c

XML settings file from settings_list.c

From: Jonathan Gordon <>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 23:12:11 -0800

hey guys.

So a few of us have been throwing the idea around of building a config
editor into rbutil, so to get the ball rolling I have written a quick
plugin which dumps the settings_list array into a nice xml which can
hopefully be used.

The biggest problem with the plugin instead of a script is we lose the
#ifdefs which need to be put back in somehow...

I have no real XML knowledge, so I dont know if the xml i generated is
legal or useful, so first thing that needs to be done is decide
exaclty how we want it to look like. We want to make sure we only have
to use one XML file for every target, so the first thing is how do we
give differnt possible values based on the features... So how do we
add that?

next thing, (and probably related anyway), the sound settings are
different min/max values for each target, so how should that be

So, attached is the dumped xml for the recorder, player and h300 sims
which I think cover pretty much every setting (but not every ifdef) (I
know there is 1 !SIMULATOR ifdef which has obviously been skipped
which needs adding manually), and the patch which you can use if you
want to gen the xml yourself (I forgot to clean svn first so there
will be a hunk error in settings_list.c but its trivial to fix...)

so, comments on the format? whats missing? who wants to volunteer to
help merge the different target xmls? who wants to make a www based
config editor for


Received on 2008-02-13

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