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Subject: Re: problem compiling latest svn code

Re: problem compiling latest svn code

From: Nix <>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 22:09:08 +0000

On 24 Feb 2008, alex wallis outgrape:
> wondering though, above you mentioned the -n switch what does that do?

-n is in POSIX (the collaboratively-developed standard which, as much as
anything, defines `what is Unix', and which Cygwin conforms to to a
large extent). POSIX says:

` -n The same as -l, except that the owner's UID and GID numbers shall
     be written, rather than the associated character strings.'

> Also a few times on list I have noticed another switch mentioned called -j
> what does that switch do?

POSIX defines no -j switch to ls, but that doesn't mean that some Unix
or other might not have added one as an extension, so I checked a
few. Linux doesn't have -j (GNU coreutils 6.10); nor does FreeBSD, nor
Solaris, nor Tru64, nor HP-UX 11, nor IRIX. (Then I stopped looking,
because it's sort of obsessional and creepy to check this many Unix
variants, even if it did only take me 45 seconds. I could have checked
AIX, but AIX isn't Unix, it's Unix as built by a space alien who's never
seen Unix, but has had it described to him by another space alien who
saw Unix running several years back but then got hit by a car and has
consequently forgotten almost everything about it.)

> Just a thought for the wiki, maybe someone could put together a page
> listing all the switches and arguments that could be used in the
> compiling of rockbox, along with what they do as a kind of reference.

The docs, well, there are lots. It depends which bit you want
documentation on.

POSIX is here: <>.
The commands will be supported on just about any Unixlike OS, but note
that like many embedded systems, Rockbox uses what the C Standard calls
a `freestanding implementation' of C, which means it can get away
without implementing most of the runtime library. So the pages
documenting the POSIX C programming interface are unlikely to be very

The (enormous) manual for GCC, giving command-line switches, language
extensions, and so on, is here (pick your version):

The docs for GNU make are here:

(I don't know of any decent online C tutorials. Like any programming
language the only way to get really good at it is lots and lots of
Received on 2008-02-28

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