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Subject: ready to commit conditional viewports... breaks %P and %pb in current .wps'

ready to commit conditional viewports... breaks %P and %pb in current .wps'

From: Jonathan Gordon <>
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2008 15:39:56 +1000

hey all,
Unless any news bugs popup in FS#9027 I plan on commiting it in 2
weekends time (sometime after june 20th...) This gives everyone plenty
of time to fix their WPS's because this patch will break 99% of
existing ones
%P is removed.
%pb is changed to be more consistant with the other tags (explianed below)
%Vl and %Vd introduced.

%pb can either be used without an params (i.e just "%pb") which will
put a non bmp horizontal bar at the line position in the current
viewport, or it is used like %pb|filename|x|y|width|height| where
filename is the name of the bitmap to use (or - for the old style
one), x,y are the offsets from the current viewport to position the
bar at, width,heioght are the width and height of the bar. (those last
4 can be set with - to use defaults which are explained in the

%Vl is the same as %V except it requires a single letter as an extra
param at the start (e.g %Vl|a|<usual %V params>|) it is used to create
a viewport which by default is hidden.
%Vd is used to display a viewport... (%Vda enables the viewports with
the letter 'a' as their identifier)

currently there is still a limit of 15 user viewports (+ the default
vp) but this number may need to be increased...

One thing to note... if you use the %V (or %Vl) tags at all in a .wps,
the default viewport will be parsed and conditionals checked, but it
will not draw anything in that viewport (This is a work around for a
problem where conditionals clear the line they are on, and because it
is in the default viewport it may not be being updated by another
one... so you may end up with random blank lines where you dont expect
them). IMHO this is not a problem, but if there is really strong
feelings against this we can work on a proper solution (if there is

Now, I also have FS#9051 ready for commit which removes the %m tag
(its not needed ones conditional viewports is enabled), and seen as
9027 breaks 99% of existing WPS' I think its better to commit these
together so there is only 1 break to compatibility.... There are
others though which think there should be a gap between enabling
conditional viewports and removeing %m... I guess its up to whoever
yells loudest....

So, please thourghly test these 2 patches and work on your WPS' to
make sure they can be converted reasonably easily... and let me know
if there are any problems.

I'll be away from the computer untill tuesday night...

Received on 2008-06-08

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