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Subject: my comments on meeting1

my comments on meeting1

From: Jonathan Gordon <>
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2008 13:36:45 +1000

hey all,
Just a few quick points i wanted to make on the meeting (firstly, huge
thanks for the recording...)

RSB - awesome... but whats the point of making the nominations
private? you may as well skip that step completly then... if its open
Daniel will get maybe one or two emails for each nominated person...
if its closed he'll get 30+ different emails which have to then be
sorted and figured out... really is it worth the effort? you may as
well just use those emails as the final vote and have the thing
figured out 2 weeks eariler.

just a reminder that I cant do anything about the sysfont splashes
unless they are identified...

bookmarks. This is the only thing I completly disagreee with everyone
on.. IMO the bookmark UI is horrible.... it should either be merged
with the playlist catalog (not my prefered option) or changed to use
the .playlist_catalog file/syntax so it works with dirplay/database
more consistantly... (by the way, I just checked the file and the
reason it works for databse playlists is because it adds each file
individually which is nasty.... someone really needs to work on
databse so it can be resumes properly from a search)
As for making the "recent bookmarks" menu item permanent... NO WAY!
its there by default which means you have to want to remove it for it
to go away, so its not going to magically disappear for people who
arnt expecting it... and its been like that for 15 months already and
noone is complaining about it...

viewports - it got a quick mention at the start about being one of the
showstoppers (i.e the UI not being fully converted yet).. I'm not sure
if its still a showstopper, but IMO it shouldnt be.

"And all the plugin patches which noone seems to care about... (both
patches to current plugins, and patches for new plugins)" - I added
that one and you guys pretty much said what I was expecting... but one
thing you might have missed... I was also talking about the patches to
exsisting plugins which noone is currently maintaining... some are
trivial patches and easy to check out, but some are not and you really
need to know the plugin before commiting it. Do we give the patcher
the benefit of doubt and assume the patch is good and correct and
commit it?

Received on 2008-06-29

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