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Subject: Re: dave: r18836 - in trunk: [subject truncated]

Re: dave: r18836 - in trunk: [subject truncated]

From: Dave Chapman <>
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2008 16:58:38 +0100

Rafaël Carré wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 19, 2008, wrote:
>> Date: 2008-10-19 16:11:01 +0200 (Sun, 19 Oct 2008)
>> New Revision: 18836
>> Log Message:
>> Add e200v2 and m200v2 targets. Move the telechips lcd-ssd1815.c (currently used by Logik DAX and m200v1 ports) driver up in the target tree and share with the m200v2 - as2525 parts contributed by Rafael Carre. Includes the start (but is still very incomplete) of an LCD driver for the e200v2. m200v2 is not yet fully supported by mkamsboot - that will come soon. Also some minor cleanups for the Clip.
>> Modified: trunk/firmware/export/config-clip.h
>> ===================================================================
> ...
>> +#define MI4_FORMAT
>> +#define BOOTFILE_EXT "sansa"
>> +#define BOOTFILE "rockbox." BOOTFILE_EXT
>> +#define BOOTDIR "/.rockbox"
> Isn't that needed only for PP targets ?

Thanks. MI4_FORMAT is wrong (that's only for the non-ipod PP targets),
but the BOOTFILE definitions will be used - both in the bootloader and
main Rockbox.

> You can group the directions (GPIOA_DIR |= ((1<<7)|(1<<5)|(1<<4)|(1<<3)) ) it's
> clearer to read

Sure, but as this is still a work-in-progress, I wanted to keep the code
as close to the OF as possible, including all silliness - to make
finishing (and double-checking) the work easier. It can be
cleaned/optimised later, once it works.

>> + GPIOD_DIR |= (1<<7);
>> +
>> +#if 0
>> + /* TODO: This code is conditional on a variable in the OF init, we need to
>> + work out what it means */
>> +
>> + GPIOD_PIN(7) = (1<<7);
>> + GPIOD_DIR |= (1<<7);
>> +#endif
> This one is the button led, I think you can safely ignore it.

OK, thanks.

>> Copied: trunk/firmware/target/arm/lcd-ssd1815.c (from rev 18822, trunk/firmware/target/arm/tcc77x/lcd-ssd1815.c)
>> ===================================================================
> ..
>> +#if CONFIG_CPU == AS3525
>> +#include "as3525.h"
>> +
>> +void lcd_write_command(int byte)
>> +{
>> + DBOP_TIMPOL_23 = 0x6006E;
> Isn't it better to match the model rather than the SoC ? (#ifdef SANSA_M200V2)

Maybe, but the telechips part of that file is common across both tcc77x
devices that use the ssd1815 (m200v1 and Logik DAX), so the CPU seemed
the appropriate #if there.

And since we only have one as3525 device using it, so I decided to use
the CPU there as well.

But it's easily changed if a second as3525 device appears that uses the
ssd1815, or if we want to merge the Clip's ssd1303 driver.

Received on 2008-10-19

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