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Subject: C200 corruption & made to work (not quite a mini-howto)

C200 corruption & made to work (not quite a mini-howto)

From: Tony Godshall <>
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2008 00:51:40 -0800

cd ~/rockbox && mv$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M)

(cd ~/rockbox && wget --force-directories -c
Hi folks.

This is my first post to this list.

I've been running rockbox on Sansa e200 and c200 for a while now, and
on Archos before that.

While the e200s are slicker, and better for video, I prefer the c200
for podcast listening: I can delete a podcast by touch (ie. while
driving). It is a complicated sequence (hold center two beats, hit
down 8, hit center, hit center) but it works.

I've been a little loathe to recommend rockbox to others given I've
had some time with corruption that's mysterious on installation but
then with some random-walk frustrating reinstallation etc tends to go
away and then the unit is reliable.

Anyhow, I recently bought a few C240s and C250s to give as gifts and
they were invariably corrupt on the first go, but then I was able to
make them work, and then I worked out the install procedure that
worked for me reliably. I'll produce it below, but I'll note what I
think is the primary issue first.

It seems that the factory format for partition 1, as well as the
device's own reformat is incompatible with linux. It appears to work
at first sometimes, but after the first write on sansa (e.g., choosing
a different font), the format becomes corrupt and all subsequent
writes either fail or produce files that do not read properly, lost
chains, etc.

Formatting partition one as vfat32 in linux makes it work fine.
mkfs.vfat -c -F32 -n "Sansa C240 Rockbox" /dev/sdb1

OK, so here's my recipe (hope this helps others):

mkdir -p ~/rockbox
cd ~/rockbox
wget --force-directories -c

umount $sansadev (if ubuntu automounted it)
cd ~/rockbox
chmod ugo+x ~/rockbox/
&& ~/rockbox/
mkfs.vfat -c -F32 -n "Sansa C240 Rockbox" $sansadev
(unplug, power off, plug in, wait for it to mount, ... damn, it powers
itself off, unplug, replug, powers off again, unplug,
hold-down-turn-off, turn on, plug in, ok, now /proc/partitions looks
good )
mkdir -p $sansamnt && mount -t vfat $sansadev $sansamnt
rm -Rf $d ; mkdir -p $d; (cd $d && unzip
~/rockbox/ && unzip
-o ~/rockbox/ &&
unzip ~/rockbox/
&& unzip ~/rockbox/ && rsync
-u ~/rockbox/
$d/. --progress )
rsync -auv $d/.rockbox $sansamnt/. && rsync -auv $d/. $sansamnt/.
umount $sansadev
(unplug, turn off, turn on, rockbox works, hooray! now to turn off
the stupid icons, change the font to something readable but not big,
make it red to save my night vision, etc., etc.)

By the way, fixing the (also apparently not up to normal convention)
partition table is *not* a route to success. I have one or two that I
have no idea how to recover.

Best Regards.
Please keep in touch.
This is unedited.
Best Regards.
Please keep in touch.
This is unedited.
Received on 2008-12-14

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